RelocateXP is organizing the packers and movers in India, has served 1000+ customers


Relocating is a tedious and painful process. There are a lot of things that need to be considered while picking a packer and mover and deciding on how to effectively relocate. If one zooms out a bit, and looks at the problem from an organizer’s point of view, the challenges are huge. This is the very task that brothers Sundeep Prakash and Saurabh Anand have taken upon themselves with RelocateXP.

Both of them finished their college and started working for MNCs. “We always used to ponder over the lack of standardization in the relocation market. It was in 2011 when we decided to quit our jobs and take the plunge,” says Sauarbh.

RelocateXP is an online portal which enables individuals to book packers and movers online. Users can carry out a simple 2-step online survey of their household goods, compare quotes from different vendors (already verified by RelocateXP) and book through RelocateXP itself. Since the industry is unorganized and unregulated, RelocateXP shoulders the responsibility of getting the goods delivered safely without the customer having to deal with the booked Packer & Movers. Customers can track the location and status of their goods online. For corporates, there is a single window system for HR/admin and employees.

“Having served over 1000 plus bookings, customers have experienced a great sense of security and peace of mind with RelocateXP,” says Saurabh. The objective of RelocateXP is to address the pain points in the packing and moving industry using technology, re-engineered process and effective customer interaction. This will in turn transform the segment of transportation and logistics industry, bringing in standardization and transparency.

Talking about the industry, the duo says that there are only 3% players who work in an organized fashion. Here are some of the challenges RelocateXP is tackling:

  • Providing a real time online quotation was a huge challenge because of the variables in case of relocation industry are many (origin, destination distance, volume of household goods, parking restriction, altitude factor, quality of service required, and many more). And each variable affects the pricing.
  • Finding quality vendors (packers and movers) was another huge challenge. RelocateXP has stringent filtering process with over 25 parameters on which the vendors are evaluated.
  • People are used to the traditional way of engaging packers and movers for their relocation requirement. Educating them about a possibility to do it online is also a time consuming process.

RelocateXP is headquartered in Noida and has employees in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad with a team size of 25.The revenue model is based on a fixed commission from the mover and packers for each relocation. The company has been growing steadily and the duo now plans to move aggressively as the foundation is set. “We aspire to become the single port of call when anyone in India thinks of relocation,” says Saurabh.

Website: RelocateXP