Top Jobs of the Day - NowFloats, BuyingIQ and Hotelogix have jobs for you

Individuals don't build companies, a team does - Mark Suster, General Partner, GRP Partners

Ever felt that your 9 to 5 job lacks the excitement? It is your chance to live the excitement.


We bring to you a daily series, where we shall give you the top jobs of the day and help you apply to the jobs that matter to you.

  1.  Launched in 2012, NowFloats has so far enabled more than 8,000 businesses ranging from boutique shops to multi-store chains like Mom&Me, Colorplus, Hasbro among others. NowFloats is hiring a Web Developer in Bangalore.
  2. BuyingIQ claims to have over 98% price data accuracy in comparison shopping. BuyingIQ is hiring a PHP Developer.
  3. Hotelogix, which offers enterprise SaaS for hoteliers across the world, to help them manage their IT and business operations. It is looking forward to hire a Sales Development Representative.

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