InfraEyes launches Veinus, a device to assist the vein detection for cannulation


When medical staff treats trauma patients, every second counts; and bruises, burns and other physical conditions often make it difficult to locate veins. Venous cannulation is one of the most widely used techniques in the medical field for drawing blood or to obtain venous access to deliver fluids and medicine.

The veins are also hard to locate in children, the elderly, obese, patients in shock, or dehydrated patients. In such cases, multiple punctures are sometimes required to locate a useful vein, leading to lost time in administering a life-saving drug.

According to a survey in India, a conservative estimate of the average number of injections administered range from 0.9 to 8.5 per person per year, with a median of 1.5 injections per person per year.

Veinus, from InfraEyes is an easy-to-use, portable, non-invasive, vein-detecting device that visually assists in finding the best vein for cannulation with no risks or side effects. It is especially useful for detecting subcutaneous (below the skin) veins which are not visible to naked eyes. It was started by Priyank Saxena, Mayank Saxena and Saurabh Gupta while they were experimenting with various ideas, three years ago until they hit upon Veinus.

Veinus will reduce trauma to patients as they don’t have to go through multiple puncture attempts that are painful, allowing increased accuracy. The procedure time is reduced as the inputs from Veinus give better information over naked-eye vision, thereby, increased productivity of the medical staff. There are no chances of infection as the device is non-invasive. It also reduces fear of secondary infection which could happen with multiple punctures. The product weighs near 300 grams with an operative temperature of 4°C to 40°C.

It has its usages in clinics, emergency wards, casualty wards, ICUs / operation theatres / OPDs, pediatrics, blood banks, medical colleges and nursing schools. The patients to whom Veinus will be useful are the children, elders, long-stay, obese, hypotension, excessive blood loss patients, anemic, dehydrated, collapsed etc. It is battery powered for portable operations and also has a 360 flexible mount for a completely hands free operation.


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