Create your website in 10 mins with Webbzer; startup plans to enable 5 M SMEs


Ankit Gupta moved to India three years ago from the animation capital of the world – Singapore.

After moving to India, he was searching for Muay Thai gyms in Delhi on Google one day, but to his utter disappointment he couldn’t find anything. Later, he found a gym but they didn’t have an online presence.

That got him thinking, and he noticed that almost all small business sectors are in a similar situation. He recognized that about 80% of Indian businesses are not online and the process of obtaining a website is a difficult task. “With the intent to bridge this gap, we started Webbzer and worked on its development for two years to make it a simple and quick platform to get a website,” he says.

In the middle of 2012, Ankit met Joe Sebastian. By then he had already started the process of developing Webbzer. “It didn’t even come to my mind that someone would be interested in partnering with me on this. Joe was introduced to me by a friend as an engineer who could help us develop a device needed for our marketing campaigns.”

Ankit holds a diploma in games & entertainment technology and business management, while Joe is a mechanical engineering graduate from Amity. is a tool that enables anyone to create their website in under 10 minutes and importantly requires zero coding knowledge. “Our website was built keeping SMEs, NGOs, freelancers and startups in mind, it works on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) model,” says Ankit.

How it works?

“While we do not have the liberty to divulge much information about our backend, but suffice it to say that it is based on PHP framework. All the hosting is done in our dedicated servers,” says Joe. It’s the mobile age and Webbzer is very focused on startups, restaurants, NGOs and jobseekers for now. Its product allows these users to make the state-of-the-art website with the most beautiful trending designs on the internet.

“Our users don’t just get a website; they witness a tangible business growth in a very short span of time. We operate on Freemium model where we allow users to run their new website and see their results before they choose to pay a small amount on a monthly subscription,” he adds.

Webbzer is built for the mobile generation, all websites made by Webbzer and responsive. Users can also make websites in any language they like. Webbzer has a feature called ‘60 seconds website builder’, which converts your Linkedin profile into a full-blown portfolio website. All freelancers and job seekers can take advantage of this to stay ahead of their competition by portraying their work professionally with their portfolio website.

Size of opportunity

The startup’s only focus is to bring India online. It is estimated that India has over 50 million registered SMEs and about less than 10% of them have an online presence. “Thus we’re looking into a huge market size to target. We have estimated to target about 5 million businesses initially to help them get an online presence,” adds Ankit.

The duo has big plans to scale Webbzer. “What we have so far is just the beginning. We’ve plans to introduce a lot of features in the near future, for example: enabling website editing from your mobile, e-commerce, editor for designers, hire a pro service, 60 seconds Facebook & Behance page converter, etc.,” reveals Ankit.

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