3 must-have Android apps to calm those rumbling tummies


Ordering food online has become a commonality and especially with the FIFA World Cup on (at roughly dinner time), football enthusiasts are reluctant to organize food for themselves. I refuse to get off my chair in the middle of the game in fear of something going wrong (I’m highly superstitious that way). Keeping this predicament in mind, we’ve come up with a list of a few places that let you order your food online, or using an app (better late than never, I say).


Nscript Web Studios

JusFood is an online food delivery service which can be used via their free Android app, or their website. This two-year-old service has over a hundred partner restaurants across multiple locations in Chennai. The app picks up on your location and displays a list of nearby partner restaurants. Once you’ve placed your order you may choose to pay via an online transaction, or via a cash-on-delivery transaction. The service also boasts a 24 hour support service along with regular deals and offers from restaurants.


Foodpanda GmbH

Present in 45 countries with a database of over 25,000 restaurants, Foodpanda’s free Android app and website allow you to find and order food online.

  1. Foodpanda has exclusive deals and vouchers.
  2. The app, and the website, both allow you to save multiple addresses and billing information under your account to allow for easy transactions.
  3. You may choose to pay online, or pay with cash upon receipt of your order.

Foodpanda is available in roughly 30 cities in India with a database of over 3,500 partner restaurants.

TastyKhana TastyKhana operates in more than 15 cities in the country with over 6,500 food delivery services and can be accessed via their website and an improved Android app. They “have been pioneers in introducing various customer centric initiatives” such as ‘True Kare Guarantees’ and ‘Fastest Refunds’ to ensure fewer scorned customers.

TastyKhana also boasts a revolutionary method of tagging your address when you place an order; they use Google maps! Once you’ve placed your order, you may choose to pay via card or cash-on-delivery, and create a profile with your order history and billing information saved. Try their feature of ordering in advance!

Let us know if you know of any other services like the above! Which are you personal favourites? What more would you like to see in these apps?


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