[App Fridays] Teamgum helps your team stick together and get work done efficiently


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


Whether you work in an MNC or a startup, communication amongst team members is extremely important for smooth functioning of the company. Miscommunication leads to frustration, loss of time and creates a feeling of resentment and enmity amongst employees. A team can function well when all the members are on the same page and can communicate with each other seamlessly. This week's App Friday is ' Teamgum ', which is available on Android, iOS, Blackberry and has extensions for desktop browsers as well.

The USP of Teamgum is to 'build a great team together' by equipping team members with a tool to collaborate, so they can work in a hassle-free environment. The tool provides users with a hotline that the team uses to share and discuss work-related web content without switching context.

What is it about? 

Teamgum is basically a tool to share relative web content with members of your team, right on your webpage without any screen toggling. This saves time, improves productivity and maintains work flow.

You can connect all your social media accounts to Teamgum to get updates without having to open multiple tabs. You can also share content with anyone on your team by just 'Gumming it'; and everything is archived and searchable.

As is visible in the above gif, the extension is placed on the right side, and can be retrieved at any time with just a click. The 'Gum' button is generally the most used and so it is prominently featured.

Here is a short video for better understanding:

The Team Behind It:

Teamgum was cofounded by Jinen Dedhia(Left) and Divyesh Kharade (Right). Jinen is responsible for sales, marketing & operations. Divyesh anchors Product Designing, Growth Hacking. He believes in raising capital from customers! He also occasionally writes for Yourstory.com, NBW.

Teamgum comes from the makers of Drona mobile – a platform for creating an engagement app for a company of any size, which is used in more than 40 large enterprises like Essar, Wipro amongst others, by over 50k executives. It has won multiple awards including IAMAI, being among the finalists at Qualcomms Qprize.



With an angel fund of 200K USD, 8 engineers at Teamgum are taking on the giant billion-dollar valued Evernote & multi-million dollar funded Diigo. Teamgum was selected for this year’s TNW's boost program at the TNW Europe Conference 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Pricing and Availability

Teamgum offers free unlimited gums for up to 10 members of a team. Then, depending on the team size, they have suitable plans.

Pro Plan : $30 / month for 10 members

$90 / month for 30 members

$250 / month for 50 members

Pros and Cons:

I tried out the browser extension, as well as the app, with a colleague at YourStory to get a firsthand experience of Teamgum. We were pleasantly surprised with the results. It was really easy to 'Gum' articles that we found interesting and share it, comment on it, check our social media feeds, all without having to switch tabs.

Teamgum also decreased our reliance on email, as most of our conversations could be done easily through the browser extension. Additionally, if one of us was on the move, we could stay updated through the mobile app, which takes up only 3.4MB of storage space.

It did take a few minutes to understand and get used to all the features and terminologies, but the learning curve wasn't very steep. It might be a slightly confusing at first for those who aren't tech savvy.

Feedback from Users

Teamgum has got encouraging results and feedback from close to 1000+ users/ 300+ teams who have used their service. These include teams from Cognizant, Spotify and Essar.

Quick Comparison between Evernote Web Clipper, Diigo and TeamGum:

Evernote web clipperDiigoTeamgum
Sharing of web pagesDefault is bookmarking for selfDefault is bookmarking for selfDefault is sharing with teams
Reading listOn website/mobile appOn website/mobile appOn sidebar/on mobile
DiscussionsOn website/mobile appOn website/mobile appOn sidebar/on mobile
Results while googlingSupportsSupportsSupports
AnnotationSupportsSupportsPrivate Beta
Price per user10 USD/month5 USD/month5 USD/month


YS verdict:

The app and browser extension provide a seamless experience and make collaborating with teammates intuitive and convenient. A definite must try.

To get a feel and experience of how Teamgum works on your tablet/mobile or laptop at no cost, plug-in download is available here.

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