Communicasia Product Showcase IV: US companies in video analytics, M2M, testing, power protection and enterprise mobility


In this final column on the annual Communciasia expo in Singapore, we present a showcase of exhibiting US product companies in video analytics, M2M, antennas, testing, mobile broadband, power protection, DSL media and enterprise mobility management.

In earlier columns, we presented photo galleries of some of the booths and hardware products as well as emerging companies and software products from the UK, Australia, Thailand and Canada.

While much attention on US companies understandably focuses on the search and social media giants of Silicon Valley, in this showcase we dig deeper into companies that are building out the digital media infrastructure of the 21st century. How would these 10 companies fare in your local market – or will you be taking them on?

1. IneoQuest 

Serving 500+ global customers, IneoQuest is a major player in video analytics, providing solutions to monitor, analyze and optimize video. Clients get end-to-end visibility into every subscriber, viewing experience, channel and advertisement. Its offerings include multiscreen, OTT, and video on demand (VOD) to any device. Clients include operators, broadcasters and advertisers. The advanced advertising market is a key revenue generator for service providers, with a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

2. KORE Telematics 

KORE is a major service provider of global machine-to-machine (M2M) network connectivity, across GSM, CDMA and satellite data services. It covers plans such as pay-per-use, pooled plans and dynamic pricing. The network has redundancy and self-healing capabilities in the event of a physical connection being compromised. Offerings include healthcare applications for remote monitoring of patients, eg. managed care facilities or for Alzheimer’s patients, and tracking usage of medicine doses.

3. Winegard 

Winegard makes antenna systems for operators, enterprises and homes, with more than a thousand different antenna models designed and 67 patents granted. The business model is based on standardized parts, modular designs and design features to engineer a broad product line that is responsive to customer needs. Offerings include portable satellite antennas, TV antennas, mobile TV, portable satellite mounts and external accessories for DIRECTV and DISH. Next generation products target the mobile-ready lifetstyle.

4. TRS 

The booming digital media industry calls for quality communications – and testing to ensure reliability and performance. TRS offers electrical and industrial test products such as generators, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers and wireless testers. Effective management of all digital assets are key to enterprise success, and TRS offers testing equipment on leased and outsourced models. The Texas company has a growing international footprint, and its technical staff even includes dozens of meteorologists.

5. ScheduAll 

ScheduALL software manages scheduling needs for the media, broadcast and transmission industries, especially in an age of convergence between broadcast and mobile. The industry is at risk of becoming too complex in the face of growing customer demands, and hence the importance of enterprise resource management (ERM) software. Offerings address satellite and fiber businesses. The company prides itself on its innovative and forward thinking culture to keep up with the “watch from anywhere, anytime” environment.

6. PanaMAX 

PanaMAX is a manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration and control products, and is now part of the Home Technology Group of Nortek. It recently acquired Furman Sound in 2006, which offers power management for the professional music industry. Offerings include surge protectors, cable protection and LAN/data line protection. Domestic products include specially engineered UPSs to manage the increasingly diverse and multimedia home theatre settings.

7. Elemental Technologies 

Addressing the growing video boom worldwide, Elemental Technologies offers video processing solutions for TV operators, content programmers, broadcasters and enterprise customers to perfect the media experience. Offerings include software-based video solutions for multi-screen content delivered via streaming video to TVs, PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Cloud-based and virtualized deployment models open up new revenue streams for enterprises. Customers include the BBC, Comcast, Eurosport, HBO and ESPN with partners such as Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Intel, Microsoft and Nvidia.

8. Alpha Technologies 

Alpha Technologies provides telcos with cost-effective powering solutions available in standby, non-standby and uninterruptible modes. Offerings include enclosure systems, digital dashboards and power cells. The FlexPoint and FlexNet products work in a range of configurations for telecom, mobility, backhaul and microwave networks. The products integrate with solar and line power solutions.

9. Assia 

Assia provides broadband network solutions providers with DSL vectoring solutions than can grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies, and deliver new multimedia content to the broadband-enabled home. The company was founded by John Cioffi, a renowned expert in DSL technology. The company is backed by strategic investors, including AT&T, Mingly China Growth Fund, SFR Development, Sandalwood Partners, Sofinnova Ventures, Stanford University, Swisscom Ventures, Telefónica and T-Ventures.

10. AirWatch 

AirWatch by VMware offers enterprise mobility management solutions. The company believes that the consumerization of IT will revolutionize the way companies do business. In February 2013, AirWatch acquired Series A funding worth $200 million and was acquired by VMware a year later for $1.54 billion. Solutions starting off with BYOD management help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, while mitigating security risks and preventing data loss. VMware is headquartered in Silicon Valley and AirWatch is based in Atlanta with offices in Akron, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Miami, Singapore, Toronto and Washington, D.C.