How startup I-infinity managed to power digital signages on Mumbai locals


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Advertisements are ubiquitous and with the advent of technology, things are moving towards digital. It is only natural that the OOH (out of home) advertising is also becoming digital. And one prominent example of this in India is the digital signage on Mumbai local trains.

When Fortune Creative Media (FCM) decided to launch the OOH network in Mumbai locals, they were pretty sure to find a right technology partner who could deliver them a digital signage solution and allow them to update the ads and interesting content for commuters. A long hunt led them to the startup i-infinity which took it up as a challenge.

I-infinity is a Mumbai-based company specializing in digital signages and home automation. I-infinity has successfully been implemented in 10 local trains in Mumbai and the project will be expanded (the change in government will lead to an increase in the cycle time). I-infinity has a few other big clients like Sbarro (pizza chain in the US), Veer Advertising (media company in Mumbai), ENDEX Automation, etc.

The company was founded by Rakesh Galav who has 17+ years of experience in the international communication & IT industry. He has international work experience in Turkey, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and China. The core team formed by Piyush Verma and Suresh Choudhary is also very solid with a combined experience of 30+ years in IT and finance respectively. I-infinity has its headquarters in Navi Mumbai with a presence in Lucknow, Atlanta and Taipei.

“We have a deep expertise in embedded product development, applications and databases. The problem at hand with the implementation of digital signage in the local train was huge and it was only because of the team we had that we were able to crack it,” says Rakesh.

What exactly is digital signage? It is a way to display advertisement, information or news on electronic display device to the public at public places like malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, etc. I-inifnity claims to have the world’s smallest and smartest signage player - the Magic Box. “We have a solution that is highly sophisticated, light weight and gives superior performance than any of our competitors,” says Rakesh. The website address is and talking about the choice of domain, Raesh adds,

.com was our first choice but since it was not available, we went with .net. Also, we are offering network bases Digital signage and hence .net goes with that concept well.
Rakesh Galav

The company has been bootstrapped till now and I-infinity has also developed an expertise with home automation. XLIT is a smart device they have developed that allows the user to control lights, home appliances, etc from a smartphone. I-infinity is pushing for this product now and is also looking to raise funds to focus more on home automation. I-infinity is in a space which is going to grow rapidly, and with early inroads into the market it can surely create a dent.

Website: i-infinity