Create your own apps using Nittio Learn to customise learning


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

-Benjamin Franklin

With the advent of technology, students these days have short attention spans and find learning the traditional way in classrooms quite difficult and unnatural. It is also not possible for a teacher to give personal attention to every student and cater to their needs.

Modern technology has an answer. It is attempting to integrate the traditional aspects of learning with technology to make it more intuitive for students to learn, keep them involved and also make it easier for teachers. Aravindan RS and Ritu Josan, the Co-founders of Nittio Learn have a solution for teachers and students alike.

Aravindan RS has a rich technology experience and has worked for 17 years in Siemens and Nokia Networks. He was instrumental in spearheading some key technology projects at Siemens and Nokia Networks.

Ritu Josan has 12 years of experience as a strategic marketing consultant. She has consulted various Fortune 500 companies. She has worked with companies like National Instruments and Regalix.

The idea of the product came from a personal need which Aravindan had while he was teaching his daughter. There were a lot of apps available but he could not customize any of them according to his needs. This is how the idea for Nittio Learn came into being.

The idea of Nittio Learn is simple: "Can we create a learning platform (software) where learning is fun yet not frivolous; where learners want to keep coming back to learn and are not pushed to learn; where teachers have the power to create and customize."

Today, they take pride in the fact that their product is refreshingly new and their customers find it of great value for their schools.

Nittio Learn has also been shortlisted among the top 10 EduTech startups from India. The competition is still on, you can check on the developments here.

What is Nittio Learn?

Nittio Learn is a cloud-based, app creation software platform which has been created with a vision to make learning engaging and interactive for the learner. The software lets you create learning apps within minutes on any subject, for any age, in any language! The user can convert books to apps, to make it more engaging for kids to interact with. The platform provides a way to digitize content easily and also provides interlaced content to learners.


For students:

It can be used for assignments, tests and self learning. With their unique interlaced learning apps, the learners are constantly engaged and involved in the learning process. It can be used as a Montessori tool as well. It can also be used in schools, where a few computers or tablets in each classroom are sufficient for children to self-learn.

For teachers

Nittio's smart analytic engine provides teachers insights into learning within the class. Auto corrected reports summarized at different levels saves teachers’ time. It helps teachers with standardizing teaching with centralized curriculum. Also, collaborative workspace eases review, refinement and approval processes. It also enables reuse and standardization of teaching across branches and locations.

The platform can also be used for teacher training and evaluation.

Ease of Use:

The apps can be accessed from any device, anywhere. Nittio Learn apps can be accessed from tablets, laptops and desktops.


The response to Nittio Learn has been extremely positive. In a short span of time they have 56 school and pre-school centers using their product. For the Founders it’s not just about the number of schools using the product, but more importantly, how effectively are they using it. Questions like, ' Has the product become of value for their organization? ' are really important to them. The adoption of their products within these schools was very quick and their customers found newer use cases to use the product, e.g. as a Montessori tool, for self learning, tests, assignments, in-class teaching tool, digitizing curriculum and discovering more.

Feedback from students and teachers

“Mam can we have more worksheets on Nittio,” is a constant feedback students have pestered their teachers with. The teachers are not complaining either. They couldn't have been happier as students are having a great time learning.

Besides this, teachers save a lot of time as they do not need to correct the worksheets. Nittio Learn automatically scores it for them. Teachers are also able to do differentiated learning exercises very easily.

Future plans:

Their vision is to make a difference to a larger spectrum within the educational ecosystem. They have a dream that one day the platform will be used for learning by the most under privileged students as well as by students in the best of schools in the country.

The founders left this parting tip for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to enter the education sector:

"With millions of students needing quality education in India, there is a huge demand for disruptive ideas to use technology in a more meaningful way for education. There are various problems which exist in our education ecosystem and we would love to see more innovations happening in this area."