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When Bhupendra Jagtap set out to buy lingerie for his friend, he was confronted with limited choices, a lack of quality in lingerie and embarrassment from the sales team. Therefore on his birthday, he gifted himself and the world a solution by launching He launched the website in 2011 in order to provide customers with a comfortable shopping experience that is devoid of judgement and a platform for quality products. PrivyPleasures offers international brands such as Elegant Movement, Hustler Lingerie, Magic Silk and Electric Lingerie.

The transition from employee to entrepreneur

Bhupendra completed his Bachelor of Engineering in computer from Dhule, Maharashtra and moved to Pune for work. On International Workers’ Day, he quit his job and began working on his dream venture the next day. His last working day opened up a lot of challenges and opportunities, which is why he enjoyed it. “Quitting my job was not something my parents would digest easily, so for about two months I told them I was working from home for my employer!” Bhupendra says.

As a creative person, Bhupendra is motivated by the desire to create. “Domain, sectors, technology, it really doesn’t matter.” On his quest to obtain lingerie for his friend, he came across a series of problems. “After about 6 months, the idea came to me. Maybe the incident planted a seed of an idea”, he says.


When he created, there were no other e-commerce ventures in the category of lingerie. After coding for 26 hours straight on his birthday, the website went live. “It was the best gift I could give to myself. And for a change, the website was started from a bedroom rather than a garage”, he adds.

The first challenege Bhupendra encountered was convinving family members of his dream venture, but he was surprised to find that they were actually quite supportive. However, some people still found the concept of his venture hard to digest.

Taking off

The online lingerie store got its first order after publishing their website on the Pune starup community. “It was very exciting for me. I packed and delivered personally”, Bhupendra remarks. So far, they have shipped to all the states and union terrtories in India. They have reciveved orders from professional models in Mumbai to remote regions in Northeast India.

PrivyPleasures started as a part time venture that was boot strapped but it is now profitable company that is focused on growth and expansion. They have achieved 20 times sales growth in the last 9 months alone. Currently, they offer over 550 SKUs but plan to increase that to over 2000 in the future.

“Customer privacy is our highest priority” 

What sets PrivyPleasures apart from their few competitors is that they have same day express shipping, which reaches metros and major cities the next day. They also have low profile discreet packaging as cutomer privacy and confidentiality is of utmost important to them. The packaging is done in a discreet manner to avoid questions and is as small as posible. Moreover, the brand name is not mentioned on the packaging and the items are not mentioned on it either. Their company name does not show up on bank statements or invoices. “Just to reiterate, customer privacy is our highest priority and we take it very seriously”, Bhupendra concludes. Their collection is also hand-picked by the staff to offer the best of the best.

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