[SocialStory Meetup] In conversation with India’s youngest IAS officer – Roman Saini


Cracking IAS at age of 22 after acing the AIIMS entrance test at the age of 16, this young manRoman Saini is now starting his YouTube channel to make UPSC learning available online for free to anyone. He is a great inspiration to thousands of aspirational youths of the country.

It’s exciting to hear about such young achievers excelling in different walks of life and contributing their bit towards the nation’s development.

The young India is shying away from politics and this is one of the primary reasons for less transparency in the society and government affairs. To change the way our government works we need greater participation from the youth. One of the avenues for this change is through the IAS.

Roman confidently shares the secrets of cracking IAS exam.

I have started this online programme to decode UPSC exams. Everyone can crack it if you understand it well. Mind you, it’s the toughest exam in the world, you cannot write it without completely loving what you have set out to do. Please don’t give this exam because it is considered to be a gateway to power, money, prestige etc, do it because it holds a real meaning for you. It’s a tough process and tests mental strength like no other exam can. In your toughest moment, the only guiding force will be your innermost drive.


Today’s youth needs to understand the Government mechanism to have a clear idea of how decisions are been taken on their behalf.

We believe that there is a rise in the awareness about Government policies and functioning among the youth. Discussions need to happen to provide a channel to keep confused and unaware youth informed.

We at YourStory are excited to meet Roman and hear him express his views to the audience out here in Bangalore. The meetup will be followed by an interesting Q&A session. Gaurav Munjal, CEO, Flat.to & Co-Founder Unacademy will be also joining the interactive session.

Lets discuss how we can contribute towards India’s progress. Come join us.

Date: July 4th, 2014 (Friday)

TIme: 6PM-8PM

Venue: YourStory Rooftop


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