Top Startup Jobs of the Day - ContractIQ, sumHR and Gourmet Company have openings for you


Top Startup Jobs of the Day :

  • ContractIQ is an online platform where startups post quick recommendations on agencies that they trust, for their peers to discover and work with. Built on top of LinkedIn, the recommendations are broadcast within ContractIQ and optionally, to the network of the recommenders in LinkedIn. They have an opening for Full Stack Developer.
  •  Human Resource Management, is a web-based HR management software with powerful communication & collaboration tools. It’s an ideal application for growing companies with the need to streamline HR processes and enable employee engagement within the organization. They have an opening for Sales and Business Development specialist.
  • Gourmet Company retails a curated collection of gourmet foods from local and imported brands to households across India. The company has a range of products within categories such as teas, coffees, world cuisine, pantry essential etc. They are hiring a Business Development Associate and also for other positions.

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