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We launched a new column last Monday- Startup Watclist. Why? The aim is to have a thriving Monday morning feature on YourStory that’ll bring to you five promising startups you should have your eyes open for. The Startup Watchlist is for everyone interested in the startup field and as we imagined, the response was great! (See tweets)

And one of the most important feedback we're acting upon is to start a newsletter (Subscribe) specially for the Startup Watchlist.

The newsletter will be sent next Monday morning onwards. For this week, here is the list of startups:

1) Ringo: An international calling app that uses a unique call flow to provide best-in-class call quality at costs lower than other popular calling apps. Ringo calls do not use the Internet, Wi-Fi or data and are instead use regular phone lines. Its competing globally with Skype and Viber.

Why is Ringo on the list?

  •  Founding team has successfully built and exited from Bigrock.in and have an empire with Directi by building an extensive developer ecosystem. (read more)
  • Trying to solve a global problem

2) Karmic Life Sciences: Karmic has a 7 year successful track record of executing 60+ Clinical Trials and 75+Clinical Data Management & Bio-Statistics Projects (Phase I to IV) besides supporting Study Design, Medical & Scientific Writing for over 100 protocols across broad-based therapeutic areas including Oncology, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Neurology, Auto-Immune Diseases, Ophthalmology, Medical Devices etc.

Why is Karmic on the list?

  • Globally research in life science is growing demands and even companies like Google and Oracle are putting efforts to support this research.
  • Oncology is one of the largest segment of the market – with a market cap of over USD $100 Bn and maximum R&D effort is being put in that area.

3) Game Plan: A cloud based solution for construction management. Gameplan is for collaboration, communication, safety and quality- empowering users with Lean Construction strategies and Building Information Modelling.

Why is Game Plan on the list?

  • The product is an innovation in a much needed sector- construction.
  • Founders with domain expertise

4) Teemac: An easy to use product for progressive educators. Teemac is dedicated to assisting educational institutions around the globe with their mission to educate and empower- their products address common problems faced by institutions with administration, communication, and teaching.

 Why is Teemac on the list?

  • Solving a difficult problem (trying to change mindsets of schools, colleges) but has seen a good start with likes of Symbiosis International University, Christ College, etc. in Pune.

5) Homeveda: Creates do it yourself (DIY) content in the natural health and wellness space. The focus is on delivering high quality reliable information in the alternative healthcare space. homeveda has thoroughly researched close to 1000 remedies for over 200 common health conditions, and has presented them in an easy-to-follow format which can be used to make these remedies at home.

Why is homeveda on the list?

  • Great traction with over 2.8 lakh subscribers on their YouTube channel.
  • Catches on the trend of rising video consumption nicely and is placed in a space with less competition.
  • Strong team with a background in media and analytics. One of the founders has had an exit previously.

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