[Startup Watchlist] The first newsletter with 5 promising startups is out, did you subscribe?


Update: You can view a sample here

We started out with the Startup Watchlist column a couple of weeks ago and announced the newsletter last week. Encouraged by the warm response, we have sent out the first newsletter (subscribe here). We’d be experimenting with the format and would love to hear from you as well as to what works best but the core remains the same: A list of startups you should look out for and why.

And we really want you to subscribe, so we're just listing out two of the five startups in this post, the rest are are in the newsletter (yes, we can see you smiling at our bait attempt):

1) The Media Ant

The Media Ant is a marketplace for media options in India. The Media Ant started out as an information portal where one could find details about more than 4000 media options. In past few months, they have moved from only providing information to helping users in decision making process.

Why are they on the list?

  • Building an online marketplace is hard The Media Ant is solving a very relevant problem with use cases for SMBs and corporate giants. They have also managed to get off to a good start with more than 4k media options and clients like Flipkart, !dea and Samsung.
  • The trio at the helm- Mayank Bidawatka, Samir Chaudhary (CEO) and Mukesh Agrawal- are a solid team. Samir managed offline marketing for redBus while Mayank was a part of the core team at redBus and Mukesh has been with TAS for five years.

2) Appiterate

Appiterate is a robust visual A/B testing startup based in Delhi for iOS and Android mobile developers. Its platform is World’s first WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) based real time editor.

Why are they on the list?

  • A product which marketers can use and iterate designs without any coding skills
  • Impressive initial traction with clients like goibibo and Ola Cabs
  • A talented team with previous startup experience and investors like Greg Badros (Ex-VP, Product and Engineering, Facebook) and Prashant Malik (Ex-Facebook, Co-Creator of Apache Cassandra) who will help the team scale the product across various channels and geographies


Those were the two of the five startup, get the rest of the dose by subscribing here. And if you have any suggestions or feedback, drop a comment or tweet it out to @jub_in or @subodhkolhe.


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