Villagineer Technologies aims to provide access to the underserved markets with its data platform


This article is a part of ’90 seconds of impact’ series. The videos are produced by Unitus Seed Fund in collaboration with SocialStory. 

The lack of available data on rural demographics, income, and infrastructure poses a challenge to impact entrepreneurs that are attempting to scale up and differentiate themselves. Villagineer Technologies, a social enterprise founded by Maneesh Bhandari, hopes to change the way in which businesses serving underserved markets interact with rural markets.

Villagineer Technologies brings together various stakeholders in India’s rural ecosystem in order to support sustainable social development. By collecting and optimizing market data, connections and listings, Villagineer opens up sales and distribution channels for businesses that target underserved markets. Their online information portal also connects CSR, NGO and partner ecosystems with relevant businesses.

Watch the video to find out more from founder and CEO of Villagineer Technologies, Maneesh Bhandari.

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