Serial entrepreneurs start up 'credihealth' to bring credibility to Indian Healthcare


Ravi Virmani, Saurabh Uboweja and Gaurav Gaggar have more than three decades of experience amongst them. Ravi had co-founded Noble House in New Delhi which grew and was later acquired by Hewitt. He then was at the helm of Hewitt Associates India as its co-founding Managing Director. After a couple of successful stints, he made a move to India as COO of Max Healthcare. On the other hand, Saurabh has had 9 years of corporate experience out of which over 6 years as a successful entrepreneur, setting up a holistic brand consulting and design firm, Brands of Desire. And the connecting link between Ravi and Saurabh is Gaurav Gaggar, a Chartered Accountant, investment banker, and e-venture co-founder with over 10 years of experience.

All three of them were interested in exploring ways to improve the healthcare system in India and were all at a stage when they were looking to turn over a new leaf. One of the biggest problems they saw was with the credibility with Indian healthcare. There are lots of frauds happening in the name of medical tourism and industry as a whole is known for being extremely affordable but not for credibility. And not just with medical tourism, the trio feels that the industry in India needs a cleanup. And this is how Credihealth took birth.

Credihealth wants to be the one stop health solution that ensures a hassle free experience in specialized procedures such as heart transplant, liver transplant, chemotherapy, angiography etc. Started in early 2014, Credihealth has got the first round of funding from Hausela Capital Partners. Credihealth is taking up a huge challenge by involving itself in the complete cycle- right from content/information, to research, to booking appointments, to second opinions to feedbacks.

“Credihealth’s core business lies in providing its customers with credible, reliable and detailed information about hospitals and large healthcare institutions,” says Saurabh. Credihealth is not just a B2C model but has also tied up with corporates to give their employees health benefits. The intention is to keep as much of the product as possible free for the end user. Currently operation in NCR, here are some of the features in bullet points:

• Users can search Credihealth for doctors and hospitals across 57 different specialties.

• Book appointments with them.

• Get a Second Opinion about medical condition from top specialists by uploading reports (comes at a fee).

• There is a customer care number and a live chat on the website where patients can get in touch

The Healthcare space in India can always use an infusion of technology and many new startups are coming up to fill this void and bring the ecosystem upto global standards. There are many startups providing parts of the whole chain (like Medical Second Opinion, Practo, etc) but Credihealth is taking on the full stack at one go. It'll be interesting to see if they're able to pull it off.

Website: credihealth


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