These 4 healthcare products may just change your life for better


Sometimes the most complex of problems have the simplest of solutions. Most often these are the very solutions that can change the lives of people for the better. We bring you four such products which cater especially to the healthcare space.

Vittel Refresh Cap

Vittel Refresh Cap - A product by joint collaboration of the water brand Vittel and Ogilvy Paris agency, Refresh Cap makes sure you don't forget to take you periodic sip of water. We often forget to drink water even though most of us keep a water bottle on our workstations. Once you take a sip of water and put the cap back on, it starts the timer on the cap and pops up a flag after an hour reminding you to drink water. The periodic alert helps people to be aware of their water consumption habits and also nudges them to drink more water.


Life Straw - This has been out for quite some time. Vestergaard, the parent company behind Life Straw, has been out with several products for individual and household use after launching the first version of Life Straw. Life Straw is a lightweight and portable water filter which removes bacteria and filters content larger than 0.2 microns.

Life Straw

The filter is made of durable plastic and doesn't require electrical power or batteries to enable a hassle free usage in remote areas. Vestergaard has also come out with a product for storing large quantities of water in households and public usage, including filters with bottles for trekkers to store water.


Xstat Syringe - A product by RevMedx, Xstat syringe helps prevent blood loss due to bullet wounds. While transporting a patient from one place to another, there is a chance of heavy blood loss, especially when the wound opening is big. This can be used when pressure cannot be applied to the wounded area for a long time, more specifically when the wound is around the private parts.

Xstat Syringe

Xstat contains sponge tablets which are injected into the wound and expand upon contact with blood thus blocking the blood flow through the wound opening. The sponge remains effective for up to four hours providing sufficient time for the patient to be taken to the hospital.

The device is still patent pending and is not out for public use.


BioLite Camp Stove - With this portable stove there is no need to carry fuel and or worry about your phone battery while you travel as it charges your phone via USB while burning. This patent pending stove provides electricity from the heat generated when you burn dry wood. To make sure that wood is burning efficiently it has a fan which helps in the circulation of air providing enough oxygen for the burning fuel.

Biolite Campstove

The stove doesn't take much space in the bag and is a one-time investment unlike owning a gas or kerosene stove which are not as environment friendly and reduce the carbon footprint. The biggest advantage of this stove comes from the fact that there are no harmful fumes to inhale.


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