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Apart from health issues and discomfort to patients, globally Pharmaceutical companies incur a loss of over USD 300 billion due to non adherence to prescription by patients. Ask any Chronic patient about their biggest issue and they will tell you that it is adhering to the given prescription and following up with the medicine. Kartavya Healtheon works hard to make sure that people do not miss their dosage and take regular medicine and adhere to the given prescription. Started by Vikram Srivastava and Anil Nayak in 2008, Kartavya Healtheon is a disease management company.

Kartavya works by identifying the core areas for chronic therapeutic treatments which may work as possible roadblocks for a patient to be compliant and the patient is likely to give up the treatment midway. Once these areas are identified patients are sent adherence reminders via SMS or IVRS and are also educated about the disease through counseling.

Vikram Srivastava, Co-founder Kartavya Healtheon

To improve the compliance they are also given discount coupons for periodic tests, door step delivery of medication, side effect management services and basic EMR and others. Their doctors are also informed about the nature of the program and services. And the services are completely free for patients.

Talking about their USP, Vikarm says, "Kartavya Healtheon is the only healthcare firm in India providing end to end value chain of services for chronic disease management. That includes chronic disease management services to Pharmaceutical companies, medicine supply at patient doorstep, home based chronic care and pathology services. Plus today we have our patient reach and servicing in remote geographic areas like North east, Leh, Kashmir and Andaman & Nicobar. Our various chronic disease model’s and experience differentiate us from others."


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Since they have started in 2008, Kartavya have grown tremendously. Their team strength has increased from four people to over 120 people. And the founders claim an average growth of 150% year on year financially. At present they have over 50,000 patients spread across over 220 cities including rural parts of the country.

While their services are free for patients, Kartavya Healtheon earns its revenue by two modes.

1) Chronic disease management services : Where they run programs for patient engagement for pharmaceutical companies for chronic therapeutic diseases which results in medicine compliance and adherence. They charge companies based on the cost and adherence, which is based on success.

2) Home based care for chronic patients - Here they provide the patients basic home based services like nurse, physiotherapist, dietician etc. Home based care is visit/subscription based.


Future Plans

At present they are also moving to pathological and lab based services where they are targeting a huge patient pool. Kartavya is also looking for investment opportunities through private equity / VC rounds in order to have a wider reach and to continue with the growth.


1)  Never give up and have patience, be humble and truthful to all stakeholders.

2) Never allow your imagination to die make it a reality.

3) Be passionate about your thoughts and work success will come.


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