Why Narendra Modi’s Independence day speech was historical


When Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the first time from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 68th Independence Day, unlike his predecessors he didn’t use any bullet-proof podium for delivering the speech. He has been a fearless and confident person throughout his political journey and this act was a mere reaffirmation of the fact. While he might lack the charisma of the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his eloquent speaking skills, it is unfair to compare the two iconic leaders. Modi has just started to script what can be called a historical term and the trailer of the India story led by Modi paints only a colorful picture in the canvas of hopes of the Indian population.

Narendra Modi is looked upon as a very decisive leader. Today, Modi’s speech was not only an impressive attempt to win the hearts of 1.2 billion Indians, it certainly registered its names in the glorious history book of famous speeches by Indian leaders.

“An occasion to build national character” 

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today called upon all citizens to contribute to the cause of building national character. He said, it is an occasion for introspection for all, as to how his or her acts would weigh on the scale of national interest. Let all actions be in the national interest, and be seen as a contribution towards nation building, the Prime Minister said. He stated ,

Greeting, the people of India on Independence Day. I’m addressing you all not as “Pradhan Mantri” but as “Pradhan Sewak” – the first servant.

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Series of initiatives announced

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a series of initiatives aimed at empowering the common man, and unleashing the potential of India`s youth.

  1. To universalize banking access and financial inclusion, the Pradhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojana will provide for a bank account, a debit card and an insurance amount of Rs. one lakh, to poor families.
  2. A nationwide “Skill India” movement will be initiated to provide skills which ensure employability.
  3. Emphasizing on the digital infrastructure as a priority to empower the citizens, Modi’s government is committed to work towards Digital India, which would provide information and services to the people in a timely and effective manner.
  4. A vision of “Come and Make in India” inviting manufacturers from across the world to invest in India, and help boost India`s industrial growth. Youth of India are also invited to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and work towards manufacturing in India, the various items that add to our import bill. Modi wants “Made in India” to become a synonym of excellence.
  5. Stressing on the need for cleanliness, “Swachh Bharat” will be launched on October 2nd this year, to be accomplished by 2019, on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. As the the first step towards “Swachh Bharat”, toilets in all schools, including separate toilets for girls, will be built within one year.
  6. Under ‘Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana’, each Member of Parliament would be invited to make one model village in his constituency, by 2016. A complete blueprint for this scheme would be announced on October 11th, the birth anniversary of Shri Jayaprakash Narayan.
  7. A new institution would be created to replace the Planning Commission. This new institution would respect the federal structure of the country.

A consensus government

Thanking all Members of Parliament, including the Opposition Parties for a productive session of Parliament, the Prime Minister said his Government wished to move forward by consensus.

Referring to reports of the positive change in work culture of the Union Government since he took over as Prime Minister, he said the fact that this should make news, shows how low our collective standards of duty and responsibility have fallen. He assured the people that the Government of India worked not as an assembled entity, but as an organic entity.

He said development and good governance were the only two tracks which could take the nation forward.


 Happy Independence Day!


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