[Photo Sparks] Creativity and synergy: co-working spaces of artists in Salem


In earlier posts, we brought you creative photographs of art fairs, telecom products, music festivals, mobile projects, social hackathons, bookstores and museums. In this photo essay, we take you to the co-working spaces for artists in Salem, Massachusetts (halfway around the world from Salem, Tamil Nadu!). Make YourStory’s PhotoSparks your regular source of photographs that celebrate creativity and innovation!

Great stories begin here!

17th century Salem, just north of Boston, was a trading post for spices from Asia, and is also home to the infamous Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692. Police cars have witch logos, and the word ‘witches’ is in the names of many local schools and sports teams!

Witch tourism!

Today, Salem is a vibrant urban community. ‘Witch tourism’ is one of the backbones of the local tourism industry, and the Internet also helps local antique stores gather and promote handicrafts and other collectibles.

GreenTech innovation

Salem’s proximity to the innovation hub of Boston makes it a ripe market for emerging green-tech products – such as this solar powered compactor for trash.

Service with a smile

The town is also home to the annual Salem Jazz and Soul Festival. Humour is in abundant supply in the local professional and artisan community, as this hilarious restaurant promotion shows!

Humour in the salon

Looking for a haircut or trim? This funny hairdresser sign in a window drew laughs and photographs and selfies from many passersby!

Food for thought – and art

Art can seep into agricultural produce as well – this weekday farmers’ market showcased a range of locally grown veggies, flowers and fruits, including colourful ‘artisan tomatoes!’

The power of many

Co-working spaces are popular not just among startups but artists as well. The Zeitgeist Gallery in Beverly provides 14 light-drenched studios for artistes, and is a great nook for art to thrive. Its manager, curator and agent - Zhana Levitsky - has been active in arts since 18 years of age.

Body in bronze

Zeitgeist recently hosted the exhibit ‘Discover the Human Landscape’ through the works of artists Tani Shavit (bronze sculptures) and Kait Brink (water colours).

Bio-morphic art

Korean painter On Kyeong Seong is another artist in residence at Zeitgeist Studios. Her work is a mix of painted and sewn collage and oil paintings on canvas. The biomorphic forms are ‘organic-ornamental compositions’ which show the relationship between the control and uncontrolled.

Fusion and convergence

Artist in residence Heather Karjane wears three hats – communications scholar, women’s rights activist and artist. She shuttles between the US and Costa Rica, and some of her art work blends nature, photography and shadow art.

What is the medium?

Artists like Seong and Karjane show that painting doesn’t just have to be on paper or canvas – it can be on items of clothing and even purses, and blend multiple surfaces together. Framing and re-framing are creative approaches to acquiring new perspectives on diverse issues.

Married to your work?

Artists are particularly passionate about their work and making statements about their field. Karjane says the ring on her finger shows that she is committed – to art.

House of dreams

What dreams do you house? What are you good at – and what would others appreciate in your work? Will you open the doors and windows to your creative self?

Words and ideas that inspire

Proverbs and quotes are powerful ways of inspiring creativity and action. This quote by writer, entrepreneur, historian and philosopher Gary J. Lew is right at the entrance of the Zeitgeist gallery. How are you shaping our world?

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