[Photo Sparks] Images, Imagination and Innovation at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston!


In earlier posts, we brought you creative photographs of art fairs, telecom products, music festivals, mobile projects, social hackathons, bookstores, museums and co-working spaces. In this photo essay, we take you to the stunning Institute for Contemporary Art on Boston’s waterfront. Make YourStory’s PhotoSparks your regular source of photographs that celebrate creativity and innovation!

Boston: hub of trade, innovation and art

Boston’s new waterfront is a showcase of startub hubs, art galleries, bike tours, concert venues, restaurants, microbreweries, walkways and fashion – and a terrific place for idea hunting!

Convergence: land and sea, art and technology

The Institute for Contemporary Art has a wide range of art exhibitions, music, film, video, hi-tech displays, interactive showcases and live performances. It was conceived as a laboratory where innovative approaches to art could be championed, and is a popular magnet for the creative community.

Video jam

The video installation ‘The Visitors’ by Ragnar Kjartansson featured six musicians performing together in the same mansion – but in different rooms, connected only through headphones. Each room had a camera recording the musician, and six screens showed the individual performers!

Additive or subtractive? What you remove is as important as what you add! Jack Whitten poured a thick slab of acrylic paint – and carved out of it, rather than paint with it on a screen.

Art everywhere. Even everyday objects can be converted into art, as this opened out shopping bag shows.

Lines = curves. Lines and curves are opposite sides of the same coin. Even a ‘linear’ book can reveal a design of curves.

Mirror, mirror off the wall. Many installations at ICA featured glass and broken mirrors. Removing the centre of the mirror also removes the subject.

Flip flop. Removing the centre of a steel grill, however, does the opposite – it reveals the subject, as this starkly lit room with a grill wall shows.

The Whole < > The Parts. Breaking a mirror and putting it together again, or piecing small mirrors into a larger one, reveals much more than a single mirror -- though the separate images need to be reassembled or reinterpreted.

Duality. Darkness and lighting throw different kinds of perspectives into focus, with similar reconstructed mirrors.

The original artist. As sunset approaches, the wide glass windows open up to the work of another master artist: nature herself.

Wings of the imagination. Tankers, tugboats, sailboats and water taxis frame other forms of transportation such as the planes taking off from nearby Logan Airport, across the harbour from ICA.

Sunset? Moonrise?

Sunset gives way to another perfect artist scene – moonrise on the waterfront, just above ICA. With the right creative mindset, there is opportunity everywhere!

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