Looking for a solution for your programming problem? QueryHome is the place to go


QueryHome is a platform for people to come together and learn about software programming. People ask technical doubts and contribute by answering questions, solving doubts and writing articles.

QueryHome was started by Salil Agarwal and his wife Avantika Agarwal. Salil is an alumnus of Banaras Hindu University and IIM Bangalore. He was worked for over 12 years in the Telecom and Networking sector.

It was when Salil was working with his colleagues that the idea of QueryHome came up. Salil says, “In the past, I was part of few forums and many a times while working closely with my teammates I realized that people are more comfortable in discussion and debates rather than search for the solution of technical issues. On doing my homework I realized that more than 30% of users (source: Experian Hitwise Stats) are not satisfied with the search results and they could be the target users of QueryHome.”

For people who are looking to discuss the solutions to their problems related to programming, QueryHome is the place to go. As users contribute in terms of their knowledge, they also ramp up their profiles which in turn helps while hiring.

Once people log on to the site, they can ask and answer questions as well as comment on the questions already answered to clarify doubts. The forums are completely moderated by users themselves and upvotes and downvotes are given for points.

People can also blog on topics. If there is more than one post on a certain topic, all posts are clubbed together to increase circulation and make it easy for contextual blogging.

The platform also helps recruitment firms and job seekers. Firms can post their job requirements and select candidates based on the points they have accumulated.

Salil had his own challenges while building QueryHome. He recalls,

“The biggest roadblock we faced (and true for any startup in early stage) was to find the people who can help us build the product with limited resources. Initially we tried to explore all options i.e. outsourcing, to people with contracts but nothing worked out and we realized that we need to develop the product ourselves and we took this challenge. Slowly things started moving in the right direction.

“Initially, we tried to find people for product development and realized that it is going to be the most difficult problem for a startup. We almost thought of giving up before taking the challenge to do the product development by ourselves."

Salil says the only competing products are Quora, StackOverflow and StackExchange. While Quora does not seem to solve real problems when it comes to programming but is good at connecting people, StackOverflow and StackExchange solve real programming problems but they do not connect people.

Looking at the future, Salil says his three main targets are to reach less than 500 in the worldwide traffic rank, reach over five million registered users and have over 500 enterprise engagements.

Talking about his lessons learnt, Salil advises:

1.       Experiment, experiment and fail fast.

2.       When you need to make a tradeoff between speed of execution and quality, choose quality.

3.        If you have resources then invest in employees first and business second.

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