Santhosh Tuppad's Test Insane is helping startups with testing solutions


Testing is another key area that a trend suggests is becoming a huge market. As more and more apps are being made to be used on various diverse phones, testing them via tests has become critical.

Test Insane is a group of computer engineers whose passion has been skilled software testing and who love to make a difference to their lives and their customers by doing what they love to do best. Santhosh Tuppad, Founder of Test Insane, says, “Our vision is simple: Be happy by doing what we love to do.”

Santhosh Tuppad has had a tough time framing the vision for Test Insane. While he was doing it, a thought came to his mind. “Just because other people sound corporate in terms of vision, why the heck do we need to? This is one of the reasons for starting Test Insane, to be happy doing what we love to as a team while we deliver insane value to our customers in terms of deliverables.”

Santhosh says, “I invested everything that I had in my bank account. Many said save it as a back-up and my response was -- I do not believe in back-up, I want to face those challenges when I do not have a coin in my pocket.”


Exploratory Testing Approach

While many do it, Test Insane does it in a unique way in terms of value while keeping the foundation / philosophy of exploratory testing intact in terms of skill-set and mind-set. Here ‘unique’ means more value with innovative activities to help the customer. “We are computer engineers who would do anything and everything to make our customer see value that we are providing. If the customer isn’t seeing the value, then may be we are not doing it right. Yes, we are result oriented and results mean value to us,” adds Santhosh.


The team at TestInsane is very experienced with domain expertise. They have been coaches to many people in India who are security-testing enthusiasts. Inspite of the fact that security testing is treated very poorly in the industry for a lot of unknown reasons, the team believes that they could bring a change in this perception.

It’s always good for startups to get their products test before publicly launching them. Some of the things that they do in security testing include, OWASP Top 10 Attacks, Web Security with add-ons, Tool Assisted Security Checks, Vulnerability Assessment.

Check automation is another trend most testers are using and this team is a master of this testing. They offer various types of web check automations like Code Driven Check, Automation, Record & Playback, and Functional Testing.

The team also offers testing services to startups which have their products built on C# .NET and MSSQL technologies and also assist with functional bug fixes too.

Open Source contributors

They believe that there has been very less contribution from software testing companies to open-source. They have always benefited by open-source and this is the time they want to give back to the open-source testing community. They develop tools, utilities, web browser add-on(s), and check automation frameworks in various industries like Banking, Media, Mobile, Embedded Systems and what not! “Tell us if you have any idea in terms of open-source contribution or a freeware, we will think on it,” adds Santhosh.

With all the product focused approach, its good to see Santhosh trying to survive with his services based startup.


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