Startup Magictap ties up with Spice Cinemas to let people 'tap & watch' trailers


Magictap is a Delhi based startup that provides rich media solutions leveraging the smart phone users with NFC (near field communication) to drive Revenue, Traffic, Brand Awareness and Social Engagement (read more about NFC and other close range technologies). Magictap enables physical objects to be interactive with your smartphone. People can tap their smartphone on the object and instantly get content straight to their phone. For example, Magictap enables outdoor advertising, shelves in retail, lanyards, posters, coasters, etc.The startup has just partnered with Spice Cinemas launching its Smart Movie Trailer.

Magictap Solutions at Spice
Nikhil Tuteja

This NFC enabled solution lets a user watch a movie trailer by just tapping. "Empowered with the innovative NFC technology can now ‘tap & watch’ movie trailer at booking counter. People can also book ticket by tapping on the NFC Sunboard. User can also give feedback to the cinemas by eliminating the need of Paper form," says Nikhil Tuteja, the founder of Magictap. Nikhil is a native of Alwar in Rajasthan who shifted to Delhi for his graduation. Spending a few years with a mobile and web startup, Nikhil decided to start up Magictap Solutions. The Spice deal is a big step ahead for the company. On the first day of the campaign, about 250 people tapped and scanned their phone. "The response has been great and this diversifies our presence in terms of the sectors," says Nikhil.

The content delivered on the phone can be information, a movie trailer, a map, or a coupon — basically any type of digital rich content available on the mobile phone. Or the user can tap and be taken to a payment page to buy goods or services. Magictap uses Near Field Communication (NFC) chips in and on objects which communicate with Magictap cloud ecosystem. No application needs to be downloaded by the consumer. Hotels are another use case for Magictap.

Smart Digitized Restaurants: Magictap Solutions is working with hotels and restaurant chain by aiming to make their store digitized with the NFC and QR code technology. "We just signed a contract with 'Mumbai Matinee, The Bollywood Cafe' with is a Bollywood Themed Cafe.One wall is full of small/big posters of a lot of old movies while another wall is full of profiles of the legends of hindi cinema like Guru Duty, Raj Kapoor etc. And these posters are NFC enabled. People who want to listen music of legends, can tap on the posters and music starts playing on their phone. They can also watch Video of Famous Dialogue, Movie Trailer,' explains Nikhil.

There are many possibilities with NFC based solutions across sectors. Live analytics of taping, devices, number of tappers and scanners, etc. can all be tracked in real time and the clients can get some indepth insights into user behaviour. Magictap has clients like the DLF Promenade Mall in Vasant Kunj, Glued Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, etc. and has had a good beginning.

Website: Magictap Solutions

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