5 Startups on the Watchlist give us their marketing hacks this week

Check out which startups we have in the spotlight this Monday

We're into the third week delivering the Startup Newsletter and the reception it has got is fabulous! More than 570 subscribers in two weeks with more than 43% open rates! Last time around, we said that we'll try to have an additional zing factor in each of the newsletters and staying true to the promise, we have 'marketing hacks' this week. We asked each of the five selected startups for a marketing hack that has worked for them and we got some great answers.

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Here are the five startups in the spotlight this week:

1. Jiffstore

Jiffstore takes your neighbourhood stores online. The company combines the trust a customer has on a neighbourhood store with the convenience and service of an online service to make a users shopping experience better.

Why is Jiffstore on the list?

  • The startup sits at the intersection of some very interesting trends- eCommerce growt, mobile and empowering the small kirana wala stores (who are not going away any time soon).
  • The team has started small and solid. Jiffstore cverso ver 60 sixty areas in Bangalore. The number of stores on the platform are growing at a pace of 50% MoM and the MoM increase in transactions stand at 30%.

Marketing Hack: Hyper local marketing centred around stores are yielding great results.

2. CarIQ

India's very own connected car ecosystem. CarIQ plugs into the OBD port and collects data from various electronic systems on the users car. This data is collected along with your location information and transmitted to the CarIQ platform that crunches data to send meaningful and actionable data points.

Why is CarIQ on the list?

  • A novel concept and it is a great step forward in the Internet of things.
  • CarIQ has some solid points with it- Based in Pune, India's automobile hub. And a strong team with experience in the industry.

Marketing Hack: The product pretty much ensured they got the eyballs. Pre-orders and a reasonable price to begin with ensured their first batch of 250 systems which will be shipped this month.

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