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This is the fourth Startup watchlist newsletter and it marks the first month of the newsletter that started out as a column. We have been encouraged by the fact that close to 700 people have subscribed till date and we're seeing some amazing open rates of close to 40%! This gives us a lot of confidence in giving our best shot. Last time around, we had added a factor- Marketing Hacks that worked for each of the startup on the list. We don't have one for this particular watchlist but would love to hear what metrics would be interesting for you to read about? We'd implement them one by one. For this time around, we're going with the classic format and here are the five startups:

1. Ripple Hire

Ripple Hire helps companies hire better by gamifying the entire process. RippleHire is a technology product that gamifies employee referrals and enables social recruiting.

Why is Ripple Hire on the list?

  • The product has a team that has experience with gamification before it became a buzzword.
  • Ripple Hire underwent the IQ Bootcamp and has managed to shape its product to an extent where it has nine big customers using the product within a short span of less than two months.

2. Take Zero

Take Zero is a platform for performing artists like models, actors and singers to showcase themselves, discover job opportunities and get connected to the industry. It is a talent marketplace for performing artists.

Why is Take Zero on the list?

  • Talent acquisition for performing artists still happens mostly offline. Take Zero is trying to get portfolios of artists online to give them visibility and good leads.
  • The company has been backed by Times Internet and it already has worked with clients like Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Bank, Micromax, etc.

3. Airstream

A product of Nityaa Labs, Airstream allows you to stream your PC over the air. Once you have the application on your system and the phone, it allows you to access your PC or Mac over the smartphone via an app and you can stream movies, music or copy files.

Why is Airstream on the list?

  • Strong traction- Airstream has managed to get more than 250k+ downloads from over 200+ countries.

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