TechSparks Flashback – 2011


The startups unveiled at TechSparks in 2011 are now making history. We witnessed some of the most amazing innovations from startups that are going places today and are delivering world class products and service to many of the Fortune 500 companies. In this four part TechSparks Flasbhack series, we profile some of the Tech30 alumni.


Founders: Girish Mathrubootham, Shan Krishnasamy

Growth post TechSparks: Raised a total of $45.1 million, won Microsoft BizSpark in 2011, first and only Indian company to be funded by Google Capital

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. Freshdesk provides support to marquee clients such as Honda, 3M, Hugo Boss, University of Pennsylvania, UNICEF and Sony Pictures. Won Microsoft BizSpark in 2011. Launched a gamified version called FreshDesk Arcade to help make customer support fun and collaborative. The firm is incorporated in the USA and India.

Products: Freshdesk, Freshservice, MobiHelp

Headquarters: San Francisco, Chennai

Capillary Technologies

Founders: Ajay Modani, Krishna Mehra, Aneesh Reddy

Growth post TechSparks: Raised a total of $34.1 million in funding, and was the first Indian investment of American Express Ventures

Capillary provides instant customer engagement solutions to retailers – replacing the unwieldy plastic cards with mobile numbers and adding instant gratification. This is backed by industry leading analytics and integrated campaigns, operational services and helps retailers increase their business substantially by using lower cost data driven marketing as compared to high cost advertising. Capillary serves a large number of corporates like Nike, Puma, Marks & Spencers, Pizza Hut, Chemistry, Raymond’s and VLCC to name a few.

Products: InTouch, Customer Intelligence, Campaign Manager, Social Connect, InStore, Lifecycle Marketer

Headquarters: Singapore


Founders: Som Sagar, Mukund Mudras, Jaison Mathews, Abhijit Vedak

Growth post TechSparks: Raised $4.8 million, won Boot-camp by Springboard Ventures in 2011 and started its operations in the UK  in 2014

Heckyl is an innovative web platform which can deliver personalised financial portfolio management; it is an Analytical platform for Investors, Traders and Researchers. Heckyl is into News Analysis, Market Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Global Market Trends, and Predictive Data Analysis. They have bagged clients like IIFL, Religare, Motilal Oswal Securities and many more.

Got funded by SeedFund and IDG Ventures India

Headquarters: Mumbai


Founders: Prabhash Bhatnagar, Aditya Sanghi

Growth post TechSparks: Total of $1.2 million raised

HMS Infotech is an innovative SaaS firm that enables budget and mid market hotels to manage bookings, reservations, accounting, and housekeeping through Hotelogix, a centralized web based property management system. Hotelogix helps hotels distribute their available rooms to all possible channels of sales and enables all stakeholders to have access to real time information on a live system. Hotelogix offers its services to Hotels in various counties such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, USA and others through various channel partners.

Products: Property Management System, Integration Distribution System, Global Distribution System, Channel Management System

Headquarters: Noida


Founders: Binil Antony, Narayan babu

Growth post TechSparks: Raised funding of $1.2 million

Funding: $1.2M

Dexetra builds products at the intersection of cloud, machine intelligence and mobile. Considered to be a leading mobile app company to come out of India, with an inspiring story – six employees in large corporates decided to quit and start on an outrageous idea, for which they were turned down by many investors. For example, Iris is a personal assistant app for Android that uses natural language processing and other techniques to operate like Apple’s Siri.

Products: Iris, DialApp, Knock

Headquarters: Bangalore

Reverie Language Tech

Founders: Arvind Pani, Vivekanand Pani, S.K Mohanty

Growth post TechSparks: Won QPrize in 2011, got Vodafone India SVP Jonathan Bell as a board member and strategic advisor

Reverie Language Technologies enables text communication for complex languages of the world on digital platforms. This includes all types of mobile phones, Set Top Boxes, Navigation devices, Appliances, etc. They serve clients like Qualcomm, MapMyIndia, Micromax and many others.

Headquarters: Bangalore

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