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One main problem that most single professionals face these days is taking care of their dirty laundry. With long work hours and hectic schedules, most do not have the time or know how to wash or get their clothes washed properly.

The Dilemma

Many are hesitant to take their clothes to local laundromats or dhobis because they fear that optimal care and hygiene may not be maintained and that the clothes may either get discoloured, torn or misplaced. Haggling with dhobis over their ever changing prices is another pain.

On the other hand washing clothes themselves is also a difficult task for most that do not have easy access to washing machines and also because of the time that has to be allotted to washing, drying and ironing clothes. Many people I know allot a few hours on their weekends to take care of their laundry.


Established in 1968, 5àsec opened its first branches based on a genuinely innovative concept : to provide dry cleaning and laundry services, with not only a good quality/price ratio, but also clear cut rates applying only 5 different prices and also providing quick delivery.

This world renowned Textile Care Company has over 1900 + stores across 31 countries under name and banner 5àsec.

Operating today in 30 + countries around the world, the group started its expansion in France, by opening stores all across the country, before successfully breaking into international markets, either directly or through master franchising.

YourStory met Mr Gilbert Bieri, International Director, 5àsec & Mr. Suresh Bhatia MD, SB Fabcare Pvt Ltd on the occasion of their store launch in Bangalore

Mr. Gilbert Bieri joined the company in 2006 as a head of international development of 5àsec , part of executive management team, in-charge of the international expansion of the brand in existing and new countries. Since 2012, he is also in-charge of B2B Business, R&D, purchase and technical departments at 5àsec. Since his arrival the group developed its activity in more than 12 countries in Asia, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe & Middle East.

Mr. Suresh Bhatia, Managing Director, SB Fabcare Pvt Ltd is the driving force behind the enterprise. SB Fabcare Pvt Ltd, is the Master Franchise for 5àsec India.SB Fabcare currently owns and operates eight stores in India, and soon to open the ninth and more stores in Mumbai and now to open up its first flagship store in Bangalore, Indiranagar in partnership with its Franchisee M/s Express Fabric cleaners Pvt Ltd.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Technology and services

Each and every garment undergoes five stages of expertise- diagnosis, pre-wash stain remover, cleaning or washing, ironing & quality control.

Consumers can choose from a wide array of services like waterproofing, dust mite repellent, starching, alteration and Maxima, finishing treatment to protect and maintain the clothes. 5àsec has developed an in house programme called “Maxima services” to handle all Indian ethnic wears, with embellishments and ornamental works.

The basic services they offer include dry cleaning, ironing and washing. They also have expertise in starching, anti dust mite treatment, waterproofing, moth repellent treatment, and finishing.

5àsec commits to deliver the clothes within 24 hours and Express service in 2 hours. The consumer can also avail the company's complimentary pickup and delivery services within network of their stores.

With the advent of modern dry cleaning services 5àsec is now developing advanced water saving technologies, environment friendly detergents and solutions, sustainable developments and quality services.

Customer Response

On their first visit most customers would usually only bring higher end designer clothes to their outlet, but after realizing the quality and hygiene standards maintained by 5àsec , their repeat customers would bring in their regular clothes as well.

Expansion Plans

The company has about ten outlets in Mumbai, one outlet in Bangalore and is looking to expand with more outlets in different cities.

The company is also planning to expand operations on a global scale and reach out to more countries.

5àsec aims to make a mark and develop a niche in the Indian textile industry. Do visit their outlet at Indiranagar, 100 Feet Road in Bangalore or their outlets in Mumbai and let us know what you think about their services.


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