BITS Pilani students get yet another innovation boost, Institute launches Entrepreneur in Residence program (EIR)


The pioneer of entrepreneurship among Indian institutes, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani has launched the Entrepreneur in Residence program (EIR) to provide its students and interested faculty with a unique opportunity to meet one-on-one with successful entrepreneurs. The mentoring program is aimed at supporting an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is being laid down by the University through teaching and applied research, setting up of incubators on each campus, providing seed fund opportunities and IPR support mechanisms to encourage innovation.

BITS Pilani has nurtured entrepreneurs like Sabeer Bhatia(Hotmail), Raju Reddy (Sierra Atlantic) and Phanindra Sama ( The institute has huge network of investors and mentors as well who have been supporting the entrepreneurship initiatives from the BITS community. The e-cell of university, Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership was one of the firsts in the country when it was established in year 2002. A unique offering under ‘New Venture Creation’ course where legitimate ideas are nurtured for a semester with regular guidance from mentors and investors, was also introduced in year 2011. The EIR program is another step to promote entrepreneurship among students.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. K.E Raman, Acting Director, K.K Birla Goa Campus, BITS Pilani said,

Entrepreneur in Residence Programme is a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with successful entrepreneurs. The university understands the need of creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem for its students and it is with this understanding that we have launched this initiative to provide practical learning opportunities that facilitates interaction with experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and venture capitalists to gain insight and inspiration.

The objective of the Entrepreneur in Residence Programme is to provide students the chance to learn best practices for starting a business and also, give them an insight into specific industries or markets. The program is meant to be of special benefit for students interested in innovation and start- ups. Open to all students across the BITS Pilani campuses through the telepresence facility.

The programme was launched by BITS Pilani alumnus, Phanindra Sama, Co-Founder, Red Bus. He is also the first entrepreneur of this programme who would stay on campus for a whole week. Phanindra started with Red Bus, in August 2006, as the largest online bus ticketing company in India. During the week long program Phanindra Sama will hold discussions with students and faculty and address concerns regarding startups and pursuing entrepreneurship as a careers.

BITS Pilani’s commitment towards setting exemplary standards of delivery have defined its history of producing talent who become confident, successful professionals and leaders of change and growth. This legacy reflects the continual initiatives of the University’s management who have led change through innovations and educational reforms and catapulted its various programs to the national forefront. The momentum gained over the decades continues to produce leaders in diverse fields.

 Image courtesy: Photography Club, BITS Pilani


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