IndiaNIC and HiddenBrains join hands to launch Configure.IT, an app development product


IndiaNIC and HiddenBrains Infotech are Ahmedabad based IT services companies that have a lot of experience in building products for the web and mobile. The two have now joined hands to launch a new entity- Configure.IT which helps users to develop apps. Configure.IT is focused on providing a strong platform for all mobile developers to produce world class apps - and is placed as a separate business entity that will move ahead on its own.

“We have numerous app development projects and the basic framework for many of them used to be the same. We figured that the solution can be productized and started building Configure.IT with the vision in mind,” says Jigar Panchal, head of Mobile App division at IndiaNIC. For the first few months, the product was used inhouse and then some customers were onboarded for a beta. More than 50 users tried out the beta version and contributed towards improving the product which was launched last month.

The platform has been built to aid developers or any other competent individual in speedy app creation. “Configure.IT hopes to revolutionize the app development by enabling users to create standardized yet customized apps in half the usual development time,” says Jigar. The platform features an interactive interface that enables users to configure the decisive aspects of app development.

It begins by building a database and then continues, to configuring a data management console (popularly known as “admin panel” or “cms”), building the relevant APIs (web services), building the Mobile APP and the necessary testing to make the app a success. “There are plenty of BaaS and PaaS providers in the market, but they don’t offer configuration and automatization to this extend. Another import aspect that sets us apart is that we offer 0% lock-in for the source codes,” says the Marketing Head at Configure.IT. Developers/ users are given the entire rights to the source code of the applications that they develop (this is for paid customers).

Configure.IT also allows developers to test the app while developing in real time - live on the device with their own "PreviewIT" app that shows realtime output of the development without compiling builds. The app provides developing complete iOS apps powered by smart backend today - and they're working on having Android version which will be released around November. The product is not for complete newbies though- it is complete package to businesses in search of Baas and Paas services (documentation). Built on the concept of reusability, the platform opens up a lot of possibilities for business owners and IT companies. With mobile coming to prominence, there is a lot of activity happening to simplify the process of development. Similar to the rise of ecommerce enablers, there’s an entire new bunch coming up that empowers the mobile ecosystem.