Day 1 of the TechSparks Grand Finale: Design thinking, brand building and a lot more


The first day of the TechSparks Grand Finale had workshops covering a wide array of topics from design thinking, to big data and cloud management, and startup metrics and brand building. The rooms were overflowing with eager participants and the questions flew back and forth as the speakers kept them engrossed. Here are some of the highlights from the workshops:

  1. Design thinking workshop by Intel: Showed how design thinking can be used in problem solving. Took the audience through the entire process, from identifying the user and establishing the problem, all the way to collaborative thinking, creating prototypes and user testing. Followed it up with a practical exercise on problem solving.
  2. Big Data in the Cloud by Amazon Web Services: Covered the use of cloud across businesses and its effective use.
  3. Start-up Metrics by Sequoia Capital: Showed how to use metrics to pitch your idea, businesses, the importance of clarity of purpose, differentiation and thinking big.
  4. Branding essentials by Brand Capital: Highlighted the importance of early stage brand building, and how clarity in terms of target market is essential to build a brand for a start-up.

Also, here's some of the workshop related action on twitter:

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