EffiaSoft: bringing affordable and comprehensive cloud ERP for SMEs


Effiasoft is a Hyderabad-based startup launched in November 2012 which provides enterprise grade cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for SMEs. Having served as a technical architect and responsible for the development and implementation of ERP solutions and technologies in Oracle Corporation and Bernhard Schulte Ship Management for over a decade, Koushik Shee took a plunge into entrepreneurship along with Joydeep and Ramesh who shared a common vision to simplify enterprise solutions for SMEs.

With over 48 million SMEs in India, it has been growing at a stable pace of 4.5% for the last five years. In spite of all this, a majority of these enterprises find it very difficult to implement modern technology to increase their productivity. Research suggests that 65% of enterprises do not have effective information systems and 62% of them feel that access to modern technology is expensive.

"Even though the SMEs comprise a major chunk in the untapped market share for ERP implementation, they are highly reluctant to adopt ERP owing to a number of factors like heavy investments and maintenance costs, awareness about ERP, lack of proper resources, and major shift in work culture, etc.,” says Koushik as they hope to bridge this gap with EffiaSoft to empower SMEs with a world class comprehensive ERP on cloud, keeping in view all the above mentioned factors.

EffiaSoft claims to have built a highly customizable and intuitive product with integrated business analytics providing end-to-end solutions with zero upfront investment. It is available on the cloud on a SAAS model to bridge the gap between high-end over complex ERP products and low-end limited solution.

“Our innovative rapid development framework, personalization and template based business process management enables us to reduce development and implementation cost and time significantly,” says Koushik, Co-founder of Effiasoft.

“The main challenge was to achieve a right balance between the high end, complex, expensive ERPs and the low end, limited functionality ERPs.” Owing to the substantial efforts put in by Joydeep and Ramesh, the other Co-founders, they were able to achieve their goals.

EffiaSoft is recognized by Microsoft as a BizSpark startup and they are a part of Startup Village incubation program. After creating an affordable, comprehensive cloud ERP for SMEs, they are looking forward to bring ERP on the mobile platform to bring real-time update and notification features in the mobile app. This will enable the users to take quick action with last minute changes or updates using the mobile app.

They are also in the process of setting up their first overseas office in Silicon Valley, and expecting to be operational by early next year. You can reach out to Koushik here.


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