Participate in Happiness Apps Challenge and bridge tech with happiness to create ultimate human bliss


Yes, you read that right. To spread awareness about its mission of peace and non-profit organization, Art of Living has launched a contest with an aim to bring more happiness all around. This is especially crucial thanks to the times of global conflict in which we live. The foundation is organizing a Happiness Apps Challenge aimed at inspiring minds in technology and design to create Apps that will increase the world’s happiness quotient! Check out the competition at .

Mobile phones have reached every corner of the world. The foundation wants to leverage this ubiquity to spread the message of a stress free and happy society. There are thousands of developers around the world with brilliant ideas on how to spread happiness and reduce stress. Through this challenge, the Foundation is looking to facilitate the transformation of these into reality and ultimately make a lasting positive impact on the communities where we live.

YourStory got a chance to speak with H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of Art of Living foundation. When we asked him about happiness he said,

External factors do have an influence on our happiness. It will be minimum if you are centred and maximum if you are not.” On the role of technology on happiness he remarked, “The purpose of technology is to give you comfort. I don't think it is contrary to intuition. But if you don't take time for yourself, you will be blocking your intuitive ability.
Happiness App Challenge Themes

Check out for more details about the challenge.


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