How libserv helps companies cut HR costs by up to 40%


Did you know that 75% of HR departments in India – a $ 4 bilion industry - do not have comprehensive and effective performance measurement system?

Well, Andre Labo, CEO of LIBSERV, does and decided to do something to improve the HR sector. He left his well-paid job in finance with the Birla Group and decided to build something with his own knowledge, experience and efforts. LIBSERV is part of the PSS (Personnel Search Services) which pioneered the emergence of 'executive search' as a concept and as a professionally-run business in India.

“The cost of not knowing who your company’s key performers or laggards are, is huge.” Labo argues. “ Costs are not only limited to hiring and training, but they also include the overall time and resources spent in identifying and attracting the right employees.”

On the other hand, LIBSERV puts a huge emphasis on understanding the company’s vision and building process around that. “We become a strategic partner, not just someone that does a specific task.” Says Labo. In fact, LIBSERV can help business save up to 40% on the company HR budget!

The young CEO counts on his three-person team which includes Garrett Wood and Soujanya Nanthur. The former is a fellow Wolverine (University of Michigan); while the latter has a long experience in the HR and BPO sectors. Together, they provide the necessary forces to operate in a global market with a solid background in the field.

LIBSERV has passed through some hard times. "The 'Nos' have not been easy to digest but the job still remains very rewarding." They have access to about 150 employees across 8 locations - through the group companies- and are planning to expand their team, as well as their business horizons.

When Andre talks about LIBSERV, he does not only refer to it as a job, but as something to build according to specific principles. He quoted Bhaduri Mahasaya (the Levitating Saint) who said: “Do not mistake the technique for the goal”. This inspired LIBSERV's commitment to understand their costumers' vision and building process. Andre Lobo defines himself a homo faber, the man creator who builds and makes not only a successful company, but the infrastructure and processes that allow corporations to function and grow.

Ultimately, his major drive has been the place where he grew up. “Since my youth, I have watched India grow into global prominence, led by our large industries. I believe it is the culture of entrepreneurship and young companies that will continue to take India forward, and I wanted to make sure that they have the tools and resources necessary to compete and succeed on the global platform.”

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