MaxMyTV takes the leap of faith, goes live on KickStarter


There has been a paradigm shift in the last few decades as new technologies change the way we consume data from smartphones to tablets, but the one aspect that has not evolved as much is our TV viewing experience.

With the recent advances in technology, audiences feel the need to be more involved and have a more interactive experience while watching a live game, news or a movie on TV. MaxMyTv aims to bring in a new product that has the potential to make our TV experience better and more interactive.

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MaxMyTv is a Smart Hub that aims to turn the users TV into a home automation and social media control center.  You can see the MaxMyTV Smart Box and supportive devices on  The Chennai-based hardware start-up launched a KickStarter campaign on October 8th.

Past triumphs

Their development team had already contributed to a successful Kickstarter project in Joey, an unprecedented 360º 4K resolution video camera which passed its Kickstarter goal in under two weeks.

With these two together 360 degree conference call and complete high resolution surveillance are possible.

New features 

The start-up is going up against big wigs in the industry and have tried to include features that their bigger counterparts don’t have. Here's what they bring to the table:

Superior TV Experience- MaxMyTV has more capabilities than Roku, Apple TV or other media boxes, for instance your social media and email feed can overlap on your TV – a useful feature when you are watching live shows such as a sports match, award shows or news coverage.

Control the Devices with Your Mind - Or at least make it look that way with their endless Home Automation possibilities, like overlaying Backdoor IP camera video over the broadcast video of the TV or turning on lights or playing music when the user walks in through the front door - just set rules on your TV.

IoT Integration (Internet of Things) – Capability to connect and control anything in the users home with the MaxMyTV Box.Userscan view detailed Analytics of Power Consumption for each device or Temperature variations of each room or other sensor usage statistics and compare it with previous months. Even open source 3rd party sensors can be integrated as we use ZigBee standard for wireless communication.

Check out the Crowdfunding link for MaxMyTv