[Startup Watchlist] 3 startups to lift your Monday


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We're just five days away from the largest entrepreneurial summit in India- TechSparks. The event is in its fifth edition now and has grown to become a high profile, high on value event. The entire team at YourStory is working round the clock to put together a great show and in the meanwhile, I've dug out some of the companies for the Startup Watchlist here to up the tempo.

1. Algo Engines

Algo Engines aims to transform the mountain of data generated from IoT devices into actionable insights. The company has been founded by a team with decades of experience in (renewable) energy and technology space. Algo Engines provides operational intelligence for wind turbines, met masts, solar plants and other Internet of Things (IoTs).

Why are they on the list? 

  • Using technology in a much needed space. Using technology to improve efficiencies of Wind Turbines and Solar Plants will create a positive impact.
  • An experienced team. Satish Kashyap has 14+ years across renewable energy and technology product management while Pallavi Narvekar has 18+ years of IT experience across mainframe, Java & Microsoft technologies.

2. BugClipper

BugClipper helps a developer avoid confusing bug reports and email threads, it makes reporting issues as simple as sending a text message. It lets a developer: Report issues right from within the app, capture screenshots & annotate on the fly, and report an issue by recording their screen & voice. The final bug reports come with detailed system info & deep insights that allows developers to pinpoint the exact issue.Why is BugClipper on the list?

  • BugClipper has been around for a while and is steadily gaining traction (read their full story). The company went through the TiE IQ Bootcamp and is currently at Zone Startups in Mumbai. Expect to hear more from them.

3. Cemantika

A product from TeriTree Technologies, Cemantika is in a crowded space but has an interesting proposition for engaging consumers and enhancing shopping experiences- personalized marketing email to each user. For instance, if I'm a big eCommerce firm, I can send an automated but personalized email to all the customers. This comes along with other features in the product. It strives to improve Web Experience, Engage & Retarget and manage unified campaigns.

Why is Cemantika on the list?

  •  An experienced team with decades of experience in technology that has managed to make early inroads with their B2B model. The company has got some big customers in the eCommerce domain in India and is currently in the onboarding phase.

Do you have any tip for the Startup Watchlist? Write to us at jubin@yourstory.com. And yes! Don't forget to book your tickets for the Grand Finale of the Biggest Entrepreneurial Summit in India- TechSparks!