[Startup Watchlist] The sparks after TechSparks


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Last week, the Startup Watchlist had to take a break since the biggest showcase of technology startups from India was doing the rounds- the Tech 30 from TechSparks 2014. TechSparks is YourStory's flagship event which recognizes the best from the technology space in India. You can follow up on all the articles and photos from the event.

It has taken a good week for the feeling to sink in but we're back in action with a bang. Here are the three companies for the Watchlist this time around:

1. Mediascout

Mediascout is a product from Frrole that helps people discover the most viral content on Twitter. It also lets one measure and filter across dozens of parameters and the piece can then be embedded as text, static graphs or live visualizations.


Amarpreet Kalkat founded Frrole in 2011 as a social newspaper built on Twitter. The company grew steadily but pivoted and found direction in the B2B space, targeting the media and entertainment vertical. It underwent the program at MS Accelerator and also went on to raise a $245k angel round. Frrole has been playing in the space and has now come up with a new product with is worth checking out- Mediascout.  

2. Picsurely

Picsurely is a worldwide photographer discovery and listing website. It is a place to find photographers for any kind of event. Users can search for photographers based on event type, location and budget. Photographers use the platform to showcase their talent, get noticed and get hired.

Background:Picsurely has been founded by Regan Bharti and Pranab Salian who have have an engineering + IIM background. There have been efforts previously in this area and Picsurely still has some way to go in terms of the product but the impressive thing is that the startup has managed to more than 900 registered photographers across 54 cities in India within 4 months of launch. The company is currently being incubated at Zone Startups in Mumbai.

3. Stellapps

Stellapps is a dairy technology solutions company building automation tools integrated with cloud, mobility, and data analytics for dairy farms, cooperatives, and private dairies. Stellapps’ products are designed to optimize the entire milk production process right from setting up the right kind of infrastructure and housing facilities for cattle, to fulfilling the power requirements by setting up biogas power plants.


The company has been founded by IT veterans who thought of using technology to make the dairy industry more efficient. India accounts for 16% of the global milk production and there is huge potential in the space. Stellapps has multiple products in the area to improve the situation. The company is funded by Omnivore Partners and was incubated at IIT Madras’ Rural Technology Business Incubator. (Stellapps is also one of the T30 companies of 2014, read their complete story

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