Test your startup knowledge, take this quiz! #tsparks


We're just a day away from the grand finale of TechSparks 2014 which is the biggest entrepreneurial summit for startups in India. If you still haven't heard about, you're living under a rock. As a run up to the event, we've come up with a fun exercise along with Walnut Knowledge Solutions. Take this startup quiz and stand a chance to win a free ticket for #tsparks tomorrow. First the questions and then there is a form where you can fill in your answers.

Here, tickle your startup neurons:

1) This Indian venture capital fund whose logo is indigo-blue in colour, takes its name and inspiration from a martial arts form that originated in Kerala. Give us the name.

2) Branding consultant Michael Cronan and partner Karin Hibma, on being asked to think of a name for a device by Lab 126, chose this particular name as they felt it was an apt metaphor for the device’s primary function and for intellectual excitement as well. What is the name of this device?

3) Identify this personality from a post he put out in 2012.

4) Where did many people come across this image recently?

5) In a blog post, the founder of this company said he got the idea for his company from a comment made by user Megamark16 on an article on Hacker News. Using the screen-shot from the comments section, identify the company and name the founder as well.

6) This is a picture of a workplace of a company where the work cubicles are called "tertiary spaces”. Which company?

Connect the following companies.

7) Connect the following companies.

8) Which famous hospitality group that started off as a textile company is named after the wife (pictured) of the founder?

9) Accelyst Solutions Pvt. Ltd owns which brand that is the principal sponsor of the Indian Super League team, Delhi Dynamos?

10) As a part of a rebranding of this company, these concentric circles below give shape to the logo of which company?

Which entrepreneur tweeted as follows sometime in April 2014?

11) Which entrepreneur tweeted as follows sometime in April 2014?

12) These giant Redwood trees of California give name to which famous venture capital fund?


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