TSS, Apple’s service provider in India got acquired by B2X, here's more about TSS


B2X Care Solutions is a Munich based provider of customer care services for smartphones. The company recently raised USD 15 million in Series B funding and acquired The Service Solutions (TSS) in India. TSS is a technology enabled services company founded by Sreevathsa P. in 2009. TSS is one of the Apple Authorized Service Providers in India and provides managed care services to smartphone manufacturers worldwide. Following the acquisition, all TSS service stores will be rebranded as B2X Care Solutions with plans for significant growth in 2015, expanding B2X’s global footprint in India. We got in touch with Sreevathsa to learn more about TSS.

YS: When and how did you start TSS? What was he intention back then?

SP: We started TSS back in early 2009. The intention was to set up a technology enabled and professional 'services company' that focuses on superior customer experience. Also use innovation constantly to question the status quo.

YS: How did you manage to get the likes of Apple on board? How has your growth been?

SP: We were clear we wanted to be associated with the best. So Apple. We qualified the selection criteria and we got in. Apple is a wonderful company to work with, and also exceptionally forward thinking. So we learnt a lot on the way. We grew from one store to become the country's largest service provider as we stand here.

YS: What made you go ahead with this acquisition?

SP: We were lucky to be noticed by many in the market due to our technology focus and few game changing innovations in our domain. But we wanted to be associated only with a strategic partner and not a pure play investor as the business was profitable and pumping enough money to grow decently. We got interesting proposal from Barkawi group as they seem to have heard about us from many OEMs as they were making their India entry plans - their core focus is exactly as ours. B2X is the award winning Customer Care ops company of the group. Barkawi consultants are one of the best Supply Chain & Customer service consulting companies in the world. So a great strategic fit.

YS: How has TSS grown over the years? What is the team strength?

SP: We have consistently grown over 250% yy in revenues, with last year being the biggest of all. We are currently about 225+ people spread across 24 locations.

YS: What is the roadmap ahead?

SP: We want to be the country's number 1 service provider for electronics and telecom consumers. We hope to reach that milestone by 2016.

Website: The Service Solutions


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