WAGmob has built 400 apps from Indore and now has a B2B product with Google as a customer


Kalpit and Kavita Jain are ex-Microsoft employees who started to dabble into the world of mobile in 2010. They initiated WAGmob by building consumer apps in the field of education. Under the simpleNeasyApp banner, WAGmob launched apps like "Learn Andoid Programming", "Project Management", "Learn Greek", etc. The idea was to try if such diverse set of ideas converted into apps had takers and as it turns out, there were. And all these apps are pay-to-use apps.

For instance, the Physics app is an eBook and app platform for learning, teaching and training. The app provides:

- Snack sized chapters for easy learning

- Flashcards to memorize key concepts

- Simple and easy quizzes for self-assessment

Priced at INR 115 currently, the app has more than 5000 downloads. And to make the entire business proposition exciting, there are more than 400 such apps across fields. There are a few apps which are free and a user can probably try them out to get a feel of the product and see if it suits their way of learning. But taking a broadder view, WAGmob has been able to identify the areas where peeople might be looking for help and has built apps around it.

Going B2B

Seeing the traction and gaining experience with learning apps, the co-founding duo started exploring possibilities. A chance meeting with Skip Miller, a Sales Training Guru gave them their Eureka moment and found a direction in the B2B space. They developed a product that was suitable for corporates to train their sales team on mobile. Gosalestrain is the training module which is a social, mobile and connected sales training community. Some advantages in this approach-

1) WAGmob doesn't have to take the responsibility for content development

2) User acquisition becomes more focused since the focus is only on one particular thing- sales training

3) Scaling becomes more streamlined because once a module is ready for 'sales', the similar approach can be taken to expand into other areas

Skip also helped WAGmog get Google as a customer where about 250 sales employees are trained on the mobile platform. Charging $30 per user per month, WAGmob also has Microsoft, Samsung and Sony on their impressive client list. This has given WAGmob a very lucrative angle and their experience with B2C helped them to build something that would work in a B2B environment as well.

The Indore and family connection

WAGmob is unique because although the company is registered in the US, a majority of its 60 member team is based in Indore, India. Talking about the thought process, Kavita tells us, "It makes a lot of sense to have the company based in Indore because the cost of operation is significantly lesser and there is access to talent as well because of IIT, IIM, and other good colleges in the city." Being away from the public eye has also helped WAGmob to quietly make their way ahead.

Another interesting aspect about WAGmob is that the entire family is involved in building the startup. Kavita, Kalpit and their son, all three are fully involved in the startup. They have bootstrapped till now and have been profitable but are looking to raise funds to scale up their sales and marketing team. WAGmob also showcased at the TechSparks 2014 (see all 30 companies) and is one of the promising technology companies being built from India.

Stay tuned for updates on them, here's their website: WAGmob


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