Now to launch his own smartwatch but it’s got something special


As if we didn’t already have dozens of different smartwatches, that today is launching his own smartwatch on Thursday at an event in San Francisco. What’s so special about this day? Even Apple is holding an event on the same day where it’s supposed to reveal a newer version of iPad and may speak more about Apple Pay with their smartwatch integration.

Apart from rapping with the group, ‘The Black Eyed Peas’, also serves as the director of creative innovation at Intel. He had first showed off this smart watch in April but more recently showed off the product on the last season of the Voice in the UK while serving as a panel judge.

Musicians seem to be in rage with technology. Earlier, in a very unpredicted and shocking deal, Apple acquired Beats Audio along with their entire team. Now this smartwatch with music focus might prove game changer if launched at an attractive price and good subscription model.

To everyone who’s thinking what’s the value add to this particular smartwatch? It may come with a fresh streaming music service pre-installed. It seems that has collaborated with 7Digital, a well-known online music company based in the UK for this music streaming. The music would be stored locally; as it hasn't got into any deal with smartphone makers, the watch would come with local storage.

Based on various reports, the said 7Digital platform will treat artists equally and few deals with major record labels have already been signed. These already signed deals would ensure that the smartwatch would be launched well stocked.

The device as expected would be running on the latest Android and would come with a curved screen. Back in April, had said it would be capable of making and receiving calls. The design was more bracelets than watch, and the display was hidden underneath a curved screen. Without any guesses, the device would be powered by Intel.

Smartwatches seem to be the new smartphones with every company trying to launch one to prove their market dominance. Probably after Pebble, Moto360 seems to be one of the most loved smartwatch these days. Apple’s watch was much appreciated globally on its launch day but it won’t be coming to market any soon.

Are smartwatches really worth the hype? Do you actually think it would become a part n parcel of your daily life?


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