[Awesome Startup Employee] Ajay Prasad makes his work speak louder than words at Solutions Infini


“Ajay has been in the system with us from the very beginning. His faith in the system is one thing that sets him apart. He has always demonstrated ‘above and beyond call of duty’ with honesty, integrity and strong commitment,” says Aniketh Jain, CEO, Solutions Infini, a company that provides bulk messaging solutions.

Ajay Prasad has been nominated the Awesome Startup Employee by Jain, and the praise coming from him is well deserved.

Prasad is a man of few words; his work speaks louder than words. He joined Solutions Infini as a PHP developer, contributed to the execution of web projects, creation of SMS application used by their clients, and brings in good business to the company.

At present, a Software Architect at Solutions Infini, his job is to plan and design the software and execute the project with the help of his team. Prasad loves research and development.

From Sikkim to Bangalore

Born and brought up in Sikkim, Prasad completed his schooling and graduation there. While at school, he used to help his father at his shop. At this point in time, Prasad wasn’t interested in academics.

However, the defining moment came when he scored a 100 on100 in his C-Program Semester Exam. The sincere appreciation he received from friends, seniors and teachers inspired and motivated him. Once he joined Sikkim Manipal University, his interest in engineering and passion for computer programming urged him to surge ahead. This passion showed in the form of many small and medium real time useful projects he created for himself and other friends. Prasad reveals that some of these projects are still in use.

After graduation in 2008, he moved to Bangalore with a desire to work in IT the sector in an MNCs. This was during the recession, and after a few attempts at finding work with no success he moved his focus towards the startup ecosystem. Prasad wanted to learn, and hoped that startups would provide him that platform.

Today, Prasad recommends working at startups. He feels they’re the best place to learn, research and improve skill sets across fields. He thinks growth at a startup is faster.

At Solutions Infini

Jain says that when they started the company and were hiring for the technology team, they came across Prasad. Since Prasad was not aware of PHP frameworks and was a fresher with no experience and knowledge, he did not get hired. But, he refused to give up. A month later, he returned having learnt all he needed to know for the opening at Solutions Infini. Jain says, “This showed how passionate he was, and enthusiastic to work. We hired him immediately.”

Prasad joined Solutions Infini in December 2008, and was the third employee of the company. He says, “The journey so far has been fantastic. When I joined, it was just two employees and now we are about 120+.”

Speaking of his journey with Solutions Infini, he says,“I have been through various stages of the company, learnt much in technology, improved communication, gathered business insights in the course where I have worked with some wonderful people. I am thankful to Ashish and Aniketh (Jain) for their constant support throughout this period.”

He shares a great bond with his team, and says his founders have been very good, supportive and understanding over the years.

One of the biggest challenges Prasad faced was in the early phase of his career. Since he was new, it felt like a very big responsibility. A major project for a client had to be completed within a small time frame. He managed to work hard and see the project through almost in time.

Awesome moments

Prasad shares some special and happy moments at Solutions Infini. “One of happiest moment was when we launched and made live the SMS application ‘alerts’. I also can’t forget the day I got the ‘Best Employee of the Year’ award.”

Inspired and Inspiring

Technology is his inspiration. It inspires him to research, study, innovate and do better.

Jain says, “At Solutions Infini, we believe in innovation and striving for excellence. Ajay resonates the culture and values of Solutions Infini through his innovative ideas and the zeal to grow better with each passing day.”

Motivational talks and inspiring stories from YourStory keep him continually inspired.

Time out

Spending time with family and playing with his child helps him unwind. Watching movies and comedy shows on TV and playing games also provide a good break.

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