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Garima Gaur of Gesture Research, a start up that works on Natural User Interface (NUI) to make touch less interfaces that can understand hand gestures and voices, has helped break some stereotypes. She has conclusively proved that women can be good with technology. She has been using technology to create some fascinating magic.

Gesture Research uses gesture recognition technology to create a magical experience where people can communicate with their computers by just waving their hands. It’s a technology that has been used in advertising, brand promotion and even infection control in hospitals.

Garima’s role entails coming up with innovative solutions for clients using kinect. She is a part of major programming of almost all big kinect based apps that the company is working on. “We are working on a unique technology of gesture and kinect. Many big companies won’t do what we are doing because it takes guts. Gesture Research has truly taken the road less travelled,” Garima explains. She claims that the company’s zero politics environment and innovative approach to new ideas help create a positive environment that breeds innovation, learning and productivity.

Garima was one of the first employees to join Gesture Research. She was working as a trainee with G4s when she had got a call from Gesture Research. After a brief telephonic conversation, Munish had liked her and asked her to come over for an interview. Just 20 minutes into the discussion,he had asked her to join the company. “As a founder I know it is not easy to find someone who fits perfectly but we got lucky with Garima,” acknowledges Munish.

Garima describes her journey at Gesture Research as a roller coaster ride. When she joined she was clueless about how kinect works but from day one the idea of making kinect apps excited her. After a few months of training she started working independently. Though she walked in with a clean slate; in just about two years she has moved to a level where she is capable of handling a team and executing projects on her own. To top it all, she continuously brings new ideas to the table that help the company to not only meet its goals but also take the assignment to the next innovative level.

“What sets Garima apart from the others is that right from the beginning she was very keen on taking up the challenge of working on something as new as gesture control. She has surprised us many times by completing tasks in less than half the time that we expected her to take,” shares Munish.

Garima believes that anything that excites you and drives you will push you to innovate. With this winning attitude, a great work environment and a supportive team Garima feels she has evolved into a better engineer. “I have realized nothing is impossible, and your team is your strength,” she says, sharing her formula for success.

Born and brought up in Gurgaon, Garima completed her schooling and graduation from there itself. She loves organising events and debating. She shares that the best moment of her life was when her first live project was installed in a nearby mall and her family saw people using and appreciating it.

Garima is a foodie who loves to experiment in the kitchen and try out new eating joints. An extrovert by temperament, she is the soul of all team parties. The founders share that Garima is a hot favorite with the team. One reason could be that funny things happen wherever she goes. Munish laughs, “I never heard of pizzas getting burnt but that was exactly what happened when Garima ordered a meal for the team at one of the popular pizza chains.”

This Awesome Startup Employee lives by the mantra, “Dream as if you will live forever and live as if you will die today.”

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