How to convert your sweat into discounts? WalkOn answers


Do you remember the time when as a child you were lured by chocolates to complete your homework? For most of us, this was an early introduction to the reward-based economy. It was a lesson for all of us that everything in life has to be earned and nothing comes for free. Working on the same concept, Mobile Health Solutions, a company that makes healthcare-based apps for people, came up with WalkOn. WalkOn is an Android app that combines fitness and e-commerce.

What’s unique about the app is that it rewards users for performing physical exercises like walking, jogging, running and cycling through discount coupons. The app contains deals, free products and services from over 20 brands, including MakeMyTrip, Forever 21, SmokeHouse Deli, eBay, Khadi Naturals and Uzuri Deck and Dining. They have also partnered with niche brands like Just Herbs, Aaranyaa, Rustic Art and Shubh Puja. The main idea behind the app is to offer people real incentives to lead active lifestyles and give businesses an opportunity to promote a health-conscious image of their brand.

Rahul Batra and Shwetank Verma - cofounders, Mobile Health Solutions

The idea was conceptualized by serial entrepreneurs Shwetank Verma and Rahul Batra, also Co-founders of Mobile Health Solutions. Prior to starting Mobile Health Solutions, Verma was a Chartered Accountant in PWC, where he was part of a team managing a multi-billion dollar fund. He also started a low-cost healthcare venture, while Batra got his hands dirty co-founding a clean energy venture and an education startup.

Talking about the concept, Verma said, “WalkOn converts fitness into a currency; it makes sweat pay! WalkOn’s innovation is to combine people’s love for retail with their desire to get and stay fit. It is about making prevention fun rather than a chore.”

The app works by integrating with other apps like Runkeeper and Moves. As a result, the user can earn rewards while using an app of his choice. Users can also participate in real-time challenges like walking (12km in four days) and earn rewards on completing the challenge. These challenges work as the motivating factor for users to continue their streak. The founders are also planning to connect the app to wearable devices for a seamless experience. Once a user logs on to the app,he has to first sync the app with RunKeeper or Moves.

Talking about the integration with apps like Runkeeper and Moves, Batra says, "We wanted to test the hypothesis of whether people move for rewards with a basic app first. Having proved it, we are now coming out with a full-fledged app that has a pedometer app in the background."

Once a user does that, he is then presented with different games (challenges). In each game, the prize is a coupon/offer, which is offered once the user completes the challenge. Though the UI of the app looks dull, it serves its purpose very well and is intuitive enough to browse through without any assistance. At present, they launch three games every week and most offers are there on the app for at least three months.

"In the future, the number of new deals or games added will go higher," Batra says.

The app went live on Play Store a month ago, and has garnered great reviews. The app has over 2000 installations in the last 20 days and around 700 active users. Around 900 rewards have been given out since the launch. We believe it is an interesting concept and some of the offers are quite lucrative. Someone with a moderate amount of physical activity can complete most challenges and win the rewards. And yes, you will have to sweat it out to win the rewards.

Download WalkOn here.


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