[Infographic] Chennai Startup Pulse: 47% startups are profit making


TechSparks is YourStory’s flagship event whose fifth edition we concluded last month (top 30 companies that presented). This multi city event has city editions before going to Bangalore for the Grand Finale. One of the city events was in Chennai where more than 200 participants from the startup ecosystem (out of which ~50% would be entrepreneurs) turned up. We had some questions for them and from what they responded, we’ve come up with an infographic which has some interesting insights into the Chennai ecosystem.


  • E-commerce and Consumer Internet startups form 43% and 33% of the survey respondents respectively
  • Only 40% of the startups are revenue generating and only 47% are profit making
  • 63% of the startups are leveraging Android while iOS and Windows are being leveraged by 40% of the startups
  • 33% of the startups are leveraging Google App Genie and 10% of the startups are leveraging Amazon Web Services for their cloud requirement
  • 23% of all startups have headcount growth plans of 5-10 in the coming 6-12 months
  • 47% of the startups have only 2 co-founders


  • 43% of the startups were bootstrapped
  • 70% of the startups were looking for seed funding and 10% for Series A in the next 6-12 months
  • 77% of the startups had not pitched to an investor till date