Introducing The Mean Startup : A Weekly Comic


For those agile entrepreneurs too busy trying to meet their Service Tax, VAT, GST, CST, CGT and - not to forget - TDS claim deadlines, The Mean Startup is a weekly comic strip that will be published every Sunday on YourStory and it will try to be *funny* about starting up. Now off you go.

As for the more patient ones, thank you for reading on.

What's The Mean Startup (TMS)?

Well, it depends upon who you are.

Are you a comics enthusiast? Then think of TMS as Dilbert for the startup culture.

Are you a connoisseur of various startup frameworks? Then think of The Mean Startup as The-Lean-Startup-turned-evil and running rampant towards an ill-timed IPO in the Eastern European stock markets.

Are you a Software Engineer who daydreams of a billion-dollar mobile app but feels stuck in job? Then think of TMS as you happily wiping your behind with all the useless maintenance code you have to write. Salvation, baby!

Will it feature Batman?

Yes, of course. Why even ask! Cinderella is just the beginning.

Will it feature Paul Graham?

TMS has already applied for the next Y Combinator batch. Let's see...

Will it give insights into launching your own business by starting small, keeping overheads at a minimum, collecting data and revising fast?

I'm not sure I understand that question.

[From an imaginary reader] My life's already difficult being a Founder n' all. Why are you making it even more difficult by poking fun at me?

I'm helping you here, man. Most of my startups have failed abysmally. So this is my way of sharing the invaluable knowledge I've gained in the process. And exacting my vengeance upon thee hopeful ones. Muahahahahaaaa... (Did I just say that out loud?)

[From another, more empathetic imaginary reader] I too wish to tickle the startup bone. Can I share my evil ideas with you? 

Yes, indeed. If you have any anecdotes from your entrepreneurial life, any outlandish business ideas, or even issues you're taking too seriously while starting/running your business, just mail them across to me at or tweet to @TheMeanStartup and I'll try to comicify them :-)


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