Ozonetel's year in review – achieving a scale of $6MM ARR from $1M ARR


Apart from probably e-commerce, the most eventful market seems to be cloud telephony – be it the funding updates, rivalry combats or acquisition rumours. In India, at present, there are lots of players in this battle- the heavily funded Knowlarity, Exotel which is close behind its heels, Ozonetel which is growing steadily and then there are the likes Sonetel, MyOperator, Sipper Global Informatics, etc that are all making the cloud telephony space in India very interesting.A few days back, folks at Frrole took a very pleasant step of being transparent about startup’s various details. It’s a great step towards not only shaping the startup you are building but also has a greater impact on the ecosystem around your startup. It helps fellow entrepreneurs in a lot of ways. Post this, Sumanth, founder of Deck carried a very open post and now Ozonetel's Chaitanya C. has come up with a candid blog that talks about the milestones and financial details of the company. Here are the updates from Ozonetel (from this post):

1. KooKoo powers Hindustan Unilever's mobile radio platform KKT. This was a huge win for us which proved the efficiency of the platform. It tested our scalability to the limits what with more than 50,000 hours of content getting consumed every single day on the platform. After that entry, we now power campaigns for a lot of brands like Wheel, Lifebuoy etc.

2. Ozonetel featured in the Deloitte fast 50 coming in at 18th. This was validation of our revenue growth. Last year we closed at $1M ARR. This year we will close between $5M-$6M ARR.

3. Zoho Partnership. Ozonetel is the only Indian company which has a phone bridge integration with Zoho CRM. We hope to see this partnership grow this year.

4. Yantrasoft Acquisition. To improve the platform capability, Ozonetel acquired speech tech company Yantrasoft. The speech technology is getting integrated into the KooKoo platform and the speech services will be fully enabled on the cloud. Watch this space for some really cool speech applications we are going to release soon.

5. Missed call world record. Ozonetel platform, KooKoo has powered the world record for "Maximum missed calls received in 120 hours". This was done by HUL for their Kan Khajura Tesan project.

6. Taking cloud contact center main stream. Slowly but surely contact centers on the cloud has gained acceptability because of Cloudagent. BPOs like Rural Shores, Suma Soft and enterprises like HDFC Life have opened up in adopting the cloud for their contact center solutions.

Chaitanya also shared that it was hard on the personal front for a lot of the employees- Three employees lost their father. Many others dealt with other personal issues which always seemed to come at the wrong time. But as a team we survived. This was especially true, when for a couple of months in the middle, there was a point when all founders had some or the other issue and were not able to fully contribute. But the team got together and delivered on the promises made to customers. That was the time, I think we realized we had grown from being a startup.

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