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We usually spend close to four-eight hours every day on the Internet going through many links we come across via various sources. Your girlfriend sends you a list of dresses she wants to buy; friends send you a list of funny videos you can’t miss and so on. But managing these thousands of links every week becomes cumbersome. It’s easy to read an article or discover a new web app you like only to forget it and never find it again. Interesting products or opinion/research-based articles get lost and we wish we had saved the links somewhere. (Product Hunt is helping me remember a few of these products though). Internet does overload you with data, and managing it is a skill you need to develop.

For power mobile users, Pocket seems to be the most preferred app but then it’s just for textual content. Sharing fonts, product website URLs, design inspirations or e-commerce links in Pocket aren’t that great an experience to most users (including me). There’s no reason why you have to miss links you find interesting, though.

In this fast paced world of social network with push notifications now also on your desktops, you are exposed to more content than before. With a little effort, you can curate your web browsing and never miss these URLs, thanks to a good usable product called, Basket.

In simple terms, Basket is a bookmark organizing web app. As users, you can save any URL and embed links in Basket. While saving and even later you can completely personalize your bookmarks with category and tags with notes for each. This seems to be a helpful tool for bloggers, photographers, students, teachers, entrepreneurs to random internet surfer. Everything you read, all research findings, and news are archived and easy to find later.

Apart from saving article links that you come across over the web, Basket also lets you save embedded links like Facebook posts, Quora answers and other such links. You can also share these embedded links with friends and other people who you think would be interested in that content. The traditional bookmarking in browsers is cluttered and doesn't have clear defined UI for interacting with saved content for later consumption. The team is also working on supporting every possible links like PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, and JPG in their native format.

The team comprising Showvhick Nath, Ranit Sanyal and Sandip Das believed and created this useful tool after facing the same problem themselves several times. Showvhick looks after the design (UI/UX) and ensures that the product becomes more user-friendly and logical to use. Ranit takes decisions on the marketing and analysis part of the product while Sandip is the techie who ensures development of new features and keeps the product running. Ranjit says,

At that time we used to read motivational, technical and influential articles in blogs related to technology and entrepreneurship. We found so many good articles to read and we even bookmarked it. But it was hard to find them again and manage the links. We also never found a place where we could keep our favourite Facebook post, important tweets or music we love from Soundcloud. Existing services are costlier. You don’t need your mommy to find your required item from the heap of saved bookmarks in Basket. So we started one.

You can also share those saved items with a research partner over email or a funny video with your friends over social media like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. The Basket is working on a freemium model where users can freely use the platform and can pay a premium to get special features. The team is focused on delivering quality product experience to their users. It’s a good tool for empowering knowledge sharing, and is a small step towards fostering innovation.

There are several other such bookmarking tools like Pocket, Instapaper, and Delicious that are fairly popular among the Internet audience. Basket is trying to add a bit more of personalization, simplicity and beautification to this task of bookmarking.

Website : Basket App


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