Bangalore-based Brekkie brings your breakfast to you

Tossed Idlis

The idea of breakfast to me is a tedious one; I’m never up in time, for starters. Second, there aren’t any pocket-friendly, non-greasy and palate-friendly options nearby. Finally, I’ve never had to step out in the morning for breakfast as a kid; it’s always been there. I think I make a pretty good case for all the lazy lumps to hop, skip and jump straight to an early lunch, yes?

Ashwin Chandrasekaran, Haripriya Raja and Nikhil Behl found a way to fix all three of these problems in one go; they came up with Brekkie, which serves a balanced, wholesome breakfast straight to your home or your office. It tastes pretty good, too! The ‘breakfast-eers’ also have their own customized vending cart parked at 9th ‘A’ Main on 100 ft Road in Indiranagar.

Nikhil, Haripriya and Ashwin - Founders, Brekkie

“We realized that breakfast was a problem point on two fronts; first there was a lack of any good wholesome breakfast options and second, a lot of people think it’s alright to skip that meal,” points out Ashwin, who grew up in the Netherlands but decided to shift to India three years ago.

Each Brekkie bag consists of three elements: a main, a side and a treat. The main typically includes stuffed parathas, uthapams, poha, a sandwich, cheela, stuffed idlis, pancakes or rolls. The side element varies from a salad or custard to daliya or muesli. The treat includes either a few slices of cake or a few cookies. The breakfast menu is different every day. “People have identified with the fact that our menu changes daily,” says Ashwin. “We aren’t overly health-related. We’re trying to promote the culture of eating a wholesome breakfast instead,” he adds.

“I had had enough with the greasy food of the Sagars for breakfast,” reveals Nikhil. “I had reached a boiling point to get some good food in the mornings, and a service like Brekkie was sorely needed.” Nikhil spends his time balancing between Brekkie and a wealth management startup that he works for.

The Brekkie Vending Cart

The venture has been around for a little over two months now, and they’ve notched up a base of roughly 100 customers per day with more than half of that number being regular subscribers. “I think we’re perceived as a healthy alternative and something to look forward to everyday,” explains Ashwin.

The breakfast is delivered in personalized Brekkie bags in Indiranagar, Ulsoor and MG Road. “The idea of serving people with breakfast the moment they wake up so that they can eat in the comfort of their homes is what drives us,” says Haripriya. She has over three years of experience working with ad agencies on strategy and branding.

“The vending cart is a great way to reach out directly to people who come and buy our stuff. We get to interact with people who may not even be our customers,” reveals Haripriya. “We’ve got some pretty good ideas from the people who walk up to our cart. We also offer tea to everyone who walks up to us, be it cops, cleaners or morning walkers,” she adds. All three founders take turns at managing the cart while the other two work at delivering the breakfast bags.

Their day begins at five in the morning when they start preparing for service. Their menus are planned a week in advance to help with sourcing and planning.

Most of their business is generated via their Facebook page and website, along with interactions on Whatsapp groups. The team has also invested in some exciting and thoughtful initiatives; they recently used bags made by the Spastics Society of Karnataka as Brekkie bags to raise awareness for the cause. They’ve also made special treats on Halloween and Thanksgiving to add some charm and a flavor of festivities to the whole experience. Here’s looking forward to what they have in store on Christmas and New Year’s!

Halloween Treat

LOCATION (of cart)

Entrance of Cornerstone Park, 9th ‘A’ Main, 100 ft Road (Right next to the Peter England Showroom near the KFC Junction), Indiranagar



Brekkie bag, INR 80; Brekkie bag for a week on weekdays only, INR 400; Brekkie bag for a month on weekdays only, INR 1500; Currently delivering in Indiranagar, Ulsoor and MG Road. (No extra delivery costs)


Open 7:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Mondays to Fridays. Cash Only. Free tea if you make it to the vending cart.


  1. Wake up in the morning to check out the delightful presentation of the day’s menu on their Facebook page or website.