Interesting desi products that have been hunted on ProductHunt


ProductHunt has become a new age addiction for many tweeps globally. I can’t spend the day without checking products on PH every 3-4 hrs, it gives you an idea of various quirky products being made globally. Ryan Hoover’s experiment to run a newsletter to share new innovative products today has grown into a global platform phenomenally.

For those who are unaware of it, Product Hunt is a community-generated leaderboard of new, hot and little known products, tools or services available globally. This community comprises of various developers, product managers, designers, investors, tech product enthusiasts literally covering every part of the startup ecosystem.

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Been hunted on Product Hunt is a great experience for the product makers, solves huge discoverability problems with some great early adopters across the geographical boundaries. These days its also become a playground for venture capitalist to search and streamline products and startups that they would love to invest in. There have been so many famous apps that got first hunted on Product Hunt and later become a rage globally including the likes of Yo!, Ask Ethan, etc. Sometimes it's the simplest utilities that make us the happiest.

Here’s a list of few of the interesting products/startups that have been hunted on Product Hunt from India:


Started in 2011, ClearTax helps Indian individuals and businesses e-file their tax returns. Online filling of tax returns has been introduced to India a couple of months back giving individuals an opportunity to fill their own taxes without the knowledge of all the jargons and terms associated with it. It’s a very popular service among the new age Indians who just need to upload their F-16 documents in pdf format and their tax returns get filled up correctly without any manual intervene. Archit Gupta, his father - Raja Ram Gupta, along with Srivatsan Chari and Ankit Solanki, founded the company. This startup’s perseverance is now reaping fruits with the company compounding traction year on year. In a recent development, ClearTax became the first India focused startup to be funded by Y Combinator, the big daddy of startup accelerators.

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ObiNo is a Mobile Weight Loss Coach, designed specifically to help Indians to lose weight in a safe, healthy and affordable manner. The company was started under the bigger banner of Manna Healthcare Pvt. ltd. that was incorporated in the January of 2012. The app has few interesting features including suggest meal, diet planner and water reminder. The app has seen 6000+ downloads with 50% + Monthly Active Users and 7-10% Daily Active Users.

The app has had a good start and clear market it is chasing- 28 to 36 year old Indians who are looking to lose weight. With smartphone penetration increasing at a quick rate, ObiNo is in a good position to capture this huge market.

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Tenreads is a simple curated news app that you would love to follow given the sleek user interface and apt category suggestions. Amidst various news websites and other sources, it becomes hard to follow news from a category, we love something like Football or even Bollywood. What Tenreads gives you is the ten best stories on the things you care about everyday. Started in Chennai by Gokul with a small team of 5 odd people have still kept their app in beta opening up the access to limit users to be able to provide a great experience. Want to be one of those lucky users? Bug Gokul on Twitter and get your access

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ClipPod is a productivity tool that's sits on your Google Calendar to make it easier for people to collaborate with each other. If you already have a Google account (and most people have one) and are using Google Calendar, that’s all you need to start using ClipPod. There’s no signup, login, forgotten passwords or any of that; if you want to share your ClipPod with another person, just add him to that event on your Calendar. Started in Delhi by Gaurav Gupta a few months back, he has been getting good traction of the late. He believes that ClipPod could prove to be a simple, flexible substitute to bloated and complicated project management tools that people struggle to use everyday

ClipPod might also pivot into a ‘meeting management’ tool that people will be able to use for everything before, during and after a meeting. The team has been gathering valuable feedback from users on a daily basis to understand the potential pivot and evolution of the product.

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Screeny is a simple & tiny utility app that helps you make some space on your phone by finding and deleting screenshots cluttering up your camera roll. With a single tap, it scans through your Camera Roll and displays the screenshots it finds, along with how much space they’re utilizing. You can tap to select the ones you want to delete and hit the delete button. The Chennai based NFL team has been loving the huge traction they are getting globally since the past one week after been hunted on Product Hunt. Within few hours of launch, the app was in Top 20 in India overall. In the utilities category, the app has been rated 1st in (France, Canada, Austria, Finland, UK), 2nd in (Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, United States).

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We all are familiar with sharing our presentations on SlideShare but then sending the same presentation embedded in a mail isn’t that easy. What if you could just embed a gif of all the slides from your presentation in the mail or could even just tweet it out to your followers? This was probably why Jai Pandya made this super easy simple tool that lets you create a gif from your presentations in less than 3 steps. It’s one of those tools you would love to use forever.

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Design Shots

Design shots is an iPhone dribbble client where you can see images, gifs, follow designers, like and comment on shots and much more. Simple dribble client with one of the most intuitive UIs you would come across. Ex-Fab iOS developer, Rounak Jain made this app to kill his free time and share his love for the art people share on Dribbble.

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BugClipper helps a developer avoid confusing bug reports and email threads, it makes reporting issues as simple as sending a text message. It lets a developer: Report issues right from within the app, capture screenshots & annotate on the fly, and report an issue by recording their screen & voice. The final bug reports come with detailed system info & deep insights that allows developers to pinpoint the exact issue. Bugclipper was also part of this year's TECH 30.

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Write is a great product by Tanmay Sonawane with Markdown support and the capability to share texts in a wide variety of formats. Write offers some powerful text-editing features wrapped up in a note-taking context. It offers a single-window interface along with left-hand side of the window is a list of locations where you've stored files. An iOS product that makes you believe Indian can create beautifully crafted products. He has also created another iOS widget app which is a also quite interesting.

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Crazy how this community driven platform is helping products scale across different geographies and its just the beginning says Ryan Hoover. 

Did we miss any desi product that got hunted on Product Hunt? Suggest us those missing products in comments below, always happy to edit and add more products. (Many popular startups like Cleartrip, WebEngage, etc have been hunted on PH but we have tried to write about those products that are new and infamous)


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